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The First Two Books in the best selling "Kimmy" series.

Get every Kimmy story in a box set for a special price.

A sheltered young woman transforms from wallflower to fantastic beauty and meets a handsome, successful, and kind Attorney who will do anything to have her.

Brought together by chance, Kim and Matt were both wild at heart. In the searing heat of the late Texas summer, Kim returns home from college to the sheltered safety of her life as a daddy's girl in an old money section of Houston. With her, she brings a secret that could destroy her safe, perfect life.  On the way to the biggest appointment of his professional life, Matt sees her and all his hopes and dreams change forever.

But as Matt becomes more determined to win her love, Kim seeks comfort in the arms of other men. As the myth of his perfect Kimmy unravels, how far will Matt go to win the women he believes is his destiny?

Book 2--

Kim "Kimmy" Augustus was a wallflower who became the desire of men everywhere as she entered womanhood. Inside, the spoiled daddy's girl from old money Houston longed for both independence and real love.

Handsome Attorney Matt Anderson was a dreamer who was willing to risk everything to be with her. But his adoring love can't match her feelings for another man. Brett was a bad boy who touched her with such passion and force, that pleasing him became her entire addiction.

Will she choose the thrill ride with the dangerous lover who has become her obsession? Or will she finally give in to the longings of her kindred free spirit Matt?

"Kimmy's Passion Addiction: Special Edition Box Set" is Hot Romance with Mature Situations.

Fiction & Literature
September 5
Rebecca Lee
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