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Discovering she was from a line of vampire hunters was never in Cassie’s plans, but she’s learned to deal with the near certainty of a shortened life that fate handed her.

With her friends’ help, she tries to balance school and hunting while working to rid the world of the monsters that murdered her parents.

Her life is going as well as it can until a new student arrives in school. No one is prepared for the chaos Devon’s arrival brings, especially not Cassie. But though she’s determined to keep him safe from her deadly secrets, she finds herself growing closer to him.

What she doesn't know is Devon hides secrets even more frightening and dangerous than her own... secrets that could tear them apart.

***The Kindred Series is a young adult fictional story that includes some language, violence, and sexual situations. Recommended for ages fifteen and up.***

June 3
Erica Stevens
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

JC Cincy Kid ,

Kindred- Book 1- Awesome 👏 By Cincy Kid 68!

Having read many Vamp Stories this one stands up at the top! (5) Stars all the way; really look forward to see what is in store for these main characters and how they can make this very intense relationship work out. Luv this author, she is exceptional. On to Book (2)! JB

Angel Piearce ,

Major editing needed.

While the actual story has potential I found it difficult to finish this book.

The author goes on, and on, and oh wait...on some more about the connection and attraction between the male and female leads. So much focus is spent on them that there is little character development beyond them.

It was also very predictable and glosses over everything except this intense obsession between the lead characters.

I found it difficult to like the characters and was absolutely shocked to see how many more books there are in this series. I also saw many typos and misspellings that a decent editing could fix. I had high hopes for Buffy like epicness but was left with mediocrity at best.

R K Steining ,

Hot and heavy like a steamy sausage!

Had me frothing at the inner linings of my esophagus. Licked my lips at the turn of a new page or the start of the next chapter.

Other than that, it made me cry too much so 1 star sorry...

/\. .\’
( . )
)_ )_

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