Kindred: The Fated Trilogy Kindred: The Fated Trilogy

Kindred: The Fated Trilogy

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant blends the magic of Scottish and Norse tradition in the Kindred: The Fated Trilogy. The bundle includes all three bestselling titles.


When a mysterious illness befalls his clan, taking many lives, Rob Mackenzie finally goes to check on the person squatting in the cottage on his family’s land. He hopes to find help. He doesn’t expect the most enchanting and enigmatic woman he’s ever seen or the way she makes him feel—the passions she rouses. But it’s clear she has secrets, and earning her trust may be the toughest battle of his life.


Banished by his father and laird, Rory Sutherland does what he swore he’d never do—return to Scotland. But a dangerous threat has risen, and it’s turned its gaze to his beloved home. He risks everything to find the witch who can stop the growing menace. Asa’s power and beauty excites him. Her allure seduces him. She’s his match in every way. And nothing will ever be the same after being touched by her magic.


As a warrior and the Lady’s right hand, Armir will not stop searching for Malene. When he does, she’s not the woman he remembers. Driven by an undying love that transcends the boundaries of time and space, Armir risks everything for her. But enemies lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike. Will he and Malene overcome their pasts to find a future together?

April 9
DL Grant, LLC
Donna Grant

Customer Reviews

threers ,

Magical, thrilling stories.

I had already read the books contained in Kindred, The Fated Trilogy, but I couldn't resist the complete collection. For me there is nothing better than sitting down to read a series and not having to search for each book. Like the energizer bunny I just kept going and going until I finished the trilogy. The stories were still fantastic. The entertainment factor was off the charts, made glorious by the continuity.

The trilogy contains three stories, Rage, Ruin and Reign. All are great on their own, but together---just WOW.

Rage is a thrilling forbidden romance. Witches are believed to be evil. Elin doesn't expect to ever experience love until Rob shows up looking for help with a curse on his clan. Curing the clan puts her in danger. I had no clue that a clash between two witches could be so dramatic and action packed. I had never thought that just a few people in combat could be a battle. Witch power changes everything. Thanks to the author I could easily picture the battle in my mind. JUST WOW!!!! Book Coma!!

Ruin filled me with anticipation for a battle yet to come. I had high hopes for a dramatic battle from Donna Grant, the queen of fantasy battles. The author did not disappoint. The buildup was intense. The story was glorious. Their journey to the battleground was wrapped in danger. Every step took them closer to an unknown end. I had know clue what would happen when they made it to The Witch's Grove. I can't thank the author enough for blowing my mind. Intense Book Coma!!

The final story will have you searching for your seatbelt and getting ready for a wild ride. The first two books were crazy reads, packed full of action, drama and witchcraft. Reign is overflowing with all three. Amir, a Varroki Warrior has found the woman he has been searching for. He has found his Malene. But she is no longer his Malene. In a desperate move, Amir imprisons the both of them in a cave. She is gambling on finding a way out, a way to escape. She no longer has her magic thanks to a spell Amir placed on them and the entrance but that won't stop her. She does have determination, strength and the blue glow of the Lady of the Varroki. She doesn't realize what she is getting herself into. Amir goes searching for Malene not realizing what could happen.

Oh My!!! I was left speechless. It was just one shocking moment after another. Chapter after chapter of cliffhanging moments that I refused to leave. Suspense and action filled the pages of the trilogy, earning me a magnificent ending. The ending was worth every gut clenching moment. I am totally comatose.

Cntrygirlz ,

Great series


After her mother was killed, Elin hides what she really is, a witch, and is running from the ones that what her kind gone. She has been running for a while and she comes upon a cottage that looks to be abandoned. She wants a normal life and will not use her magic. One day a man comes to her cottage and she hides from him. Rob is the owner of the cottage and wants to see who is living there and looking for someone to help save his family. A strange illness has befallen his clan and nobody knows what to do. Elin cannot stand for Rob lose anymore of his clan, so she makes a tea and takes it to the castle. Rob is attracted to her but knows she is hiding secrets but hopefully he can get her to trust him enough to reveal them.

New series. New characters. I’m not a fan of historical stories but I really enjoyed this story. Witches.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author *


Asa is a witch but not just any witch, she is a descendant from the very first witch. That makes her strong, powerful and wanted by all. Asa can heal and speak with animals. She meets a man who is very wounded and all he says is " run ". But she cannot just leave him so she heals him. Rory knows her sister and was sent to warn her of the evil coming for her. His family thinks he's dead because some friends and cousins tried to kill him. A chieftain and a witch are coming. The chieftain wants Asa for his bride and the witch will make sure he gets what he wants. Asa and Rory team up to take them down but in doing so they can't fight the attraction they feel. Can they defeat their enemies and live happily ever after?
Very good story. Not very long. Easy to read. Fighting. A little sex. Witches and warlocks. No cliffhangers. Historical. Two people who find love in the middle of running.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Bookfunnel *


Malene is Lady of the Varroki of Blackguard. She was fighting an enemy when she disappeared. She awakes in Norway as Dagny with no memory of who she is. She is not the woman she used to be. Power is all that drives her.
Armir is Malene's second in command. He is the one that finds the Lady's and trains them to be the protector of the village. Armir is in love with Malene and has been looking forger since she disappeared.
When Armir locates Malene he is disappointed she doesn't recognize him and wants nothing to do with him. But Armir will not let that stop him and he takes them to a cave and spells it so neither can use magic or get out. Will Malene's memory return and will she feel anything for Armir?
Great story. Sexy. Magic. Witches. A love that lasts forever.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed for Netgalley *

Nanatimes8 ,

Awesome Paranormal Trilogy

4.5 ⭐️ Stars An awesome paranormal triliogy Rage: A new exciting paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what or who is coming after Elin...and if Rob will lose the love of his life when evilness strikes against goodness.
Ruin: Oh my goodness…this is a melt you into a puddle of love, fight the fight against evil, and 1 strong and courageous witch falling in love with 1 brave kilted man. Grab this action packed, heart racing journey of Asa and Rory. Loved it!!!
Reign: The final book in the Kindred series brings magic, mystery, twists and turns to the table as Dagny/Malene and Armir are reunited in what Armir is hoping will bring Dagny’s memory of Malene back and give him a chance at the love he’s always felt for her. Grab this page turning, magical journey to see how their journey ends!!!

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