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The Physics Classroom's Kinematics is the first book in its Tutorial Series. It presents physics principles in a down-to-earth style. Difficult concepts are presented in a logical manner using an easy-to-understand language complemented by informative graphics and frequent animations. Interactive quizzes are included in nearly every section. While devoted to a concepts-first approach to physics learning, The Physics Classroom does not shy away from the teaching of mathematical ideas and word problems. The Interactive Practice Problems widgets guide the learner through the steps of becoming a successful problem-solver.

September 10
The Physics Classroom
The Physics Classroom LLC
Grades 8-16

Customer Reviews

iTeachPhysics ,


I absolutely love the physicsclassroom website... And I just might love these iBooks even more.

The iBooks are as informative as they are interactive and offer a great way for teachers to incorporate technology into their curriculum. They include not only text, but graphics, videos, sample problems, and practice problems.

I teach high school physics and this year my district just bought iPads for every high school student. Now I just have to convince them to to purchase these iBooks for the students' iPads.

I hope they plan on making the rest of the website's lessons into iBooks. I will certainly be purchasing them if they are. $0.99 is an absolute steal; but I will say that, as a teacher, I greatly appreciate the price.

Jewslox ,

Better than a textbook

I am so happy the Physics Classroom site is moving onto the iPad! As an instructor, the site was invaluable for explanations, animations, concept checks, worksheets, reviews, and more. Now with my school getting iPads for the kids, these downloadable books could be used as a great reference and study guide.

Hopefully, the remaining subjects will become available soon. I will buy every one. Perhaps a collection could be discounted for mass purchases by schools in the future. I really want all my kids to have these.

Becks0002 ,


I love these ibooks! They are much better than a traditional text. My students love them as well. Please make more from the website curriculum, especially Electrostatics & Electricity. As a previous reviewer said, my students and I will buy every one you make!

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