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King Arthur and the Kinghts of the Round Table Complete Works World's Best Collection

This is the best King Arthur Collection available, including the most complete set of the Arthurian legends plus many extra free bonus materials.

The Most Complete Collection Available

In this irresistible collection we include all 11 complete Books (more than 130 chapters) from Thomas Malory (published by William Caxton) of the legendary epic ‘Le Morte D’ Arthur’.

We also give you all the other, rare stories of the other famous Knights of the Round Table.

Plus, we include additional bonuses covering Arthur related mythologies, including Celtic Mythology and other British and European Legends.

Everything Arthur related in one, amazing comprehensive compilation.

Works Included:

Le Morte D’ Arthur -The legendary, famous compilation by Sir Thomas Malory of romance  tales about the legendary King Arthur. One of the best-known works of the English language and Arthurian literature. It coves the grand adventures and complete stories of the beloved characters, from Arthur himself, to Merlin, to Tristram, Launcelot and Guinevere, Morgan le Fay, Arthur’s sister, and even Mordred, Arthur’s villainous son.

Who was the Real King Arthur? - A special analysis of the 'suspects', written specifically for this collection.

Additional Sir Gawayne Stories - Additional stories of the popular Sir Gawayne, including the well known fairy tale: ‘Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight’

The Mabinogion - 11 classic stories from Welsh and Celtic mythology, known as prime examples of folktales, and early medieval and Iron age narratives, even including more stories of King Arthur.

Myths And Legends Of The Celtic Race - Devoted to explaining the fascinating and expansive Celtic mythology, as well as chapters on Celtic history and information on the Druids.

Hero-Myths Of The British Race And Legends Of The Middle Ages - A rich exploration into more British, as well as European and Middle Age mythology. It includes chapters about many Heroic Sagas, such as Charlemagne, Beowulf, and Robin Hood.

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