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Two things threaten to destroy several areas of Daron Kincaid’s life—the tracking device he developed to locate victims of sex trafficking and an inherited membership in a mysterious outfit called The Castle.

The new developments set the stage to dismantle the relationship with Cameron, the woman he loves, as well as the new life he’s building outside of an Interpol and FBI sting that brought down his former enemies. Coming out of the shadows could have dangerous consequences that affect everyone around him.

Marquise Sinclair, a crime boss over an international theft ring, is determined to take Daron’s position in the Castle by leveraging Cameron’s life against a project worth billions.

Unfortunately, he is unaware that his lovely target was fiercely trained to make men weak or put them on the wrong side of the grave. The secrets Daron keeps from Cameron and his inner circle only complicates an already tumultuous situation that wasn’t of his own making.

Can Daron take on Marquise, manage his secrets and loyalty to the Castle without permanently losing the woman he loves?

National Bestselling Author, Karen D. Bradley gives you Book 5 of the Kings of the Castle Standalone Series, featuring Daron Kincaid.

Each King book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA Today, New York Times, and National Bestselling Authors work together to provide you with a world you'll never want to leave. The Castle.

Fate made them brothers, but protecting the Castle, each other, and the women they love, will make them Kings. Their combined efforts to find the current Castle members responsible for the attempt on their mentor’s life, is the beginning of dangerous challenges that will alter the path of their lives forever.

These powerful men, unexpectedly brought together by their pasts and current circumstances, will become a force to be reckoned with.

Book 1 – Kings of the Castle (the introduction to the series)
Book 2 – King of Chatham
Book 3 – King of Evanston
Book 4 – King of Devon
Book 5 – King of Morgan Park
Book 6 – King of South Shore
Book 7 – King of Lincoln Park
Book 8 - King of Hyde Park
Book 9 – King of Lawndale

"All kinds of suspense, action, high tech gadgets and a hot romance kept me on the edge of my sleep, or awake way too late reading." - Lori H, Goodreads

DON'T MISS the hot new standalone series, Knights of the Castle. The Kings of the Castle made them family, but the Knights will transform the world.

Book 1 - King of Durabia
Book 2 - Knight of Bronzeville
Book 3 - Knight of South Holland
Book 4 - Lady of Jeffrey Manor
Book 5 - Knight of Grand Crossing
Book 6 - Knight of Paradise Island
Book 7 - Knight of Irondale
Book 8 - Knight of Birmingham
Book 9 - Knight of Penn Quarter

December 10
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Customer Reviews

Diva_material ,

Bad Boy with Deep Secrets

This book is the fifth installment in the Kings of the Castle series. In King of Morgan Park, we learned more about Daron Kincaid's background and expertise. Daron runs a high tech security firm as well as invest in his community by assisting troubled youth off the streets. Due to his security inventions, Daron made many enemies with his impact on reducing crime. With his dangerous lies, Daron risks his relationship with current or past associates.

Honest note: I struggled with the narrative because the author included a lot of characters from her previous books, which I was unfamiliar with them. With limited character introductions, I found myself re-reading to grasp the story. The author packed a lot into this story, and some characters I was trying to understand how they relate.

Despite my lack of awareness, I do think well-versed readers will find the suspense and crime thriller a good read.

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