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This discounted bundle contains the first four books in the Kingdom LitRPG series.

Kingdom Level One
A broken kingdom for a reluctant king.

Robert was content with his life as a night-shift janitor. No stress, no worries, and no responsibilities. But this idyllic existence is turned upside down when he suddenly finds himself trapped inside a fantasy Role Playing Game.

Confused and alone he must find a way to escape back to his own world and, more importantly, to his daughter. But to do that he must take up the biggest responsibility of all:

To rule a kingdom.

Kingdom Level Two
A baptism of fire for a neophyte king.

Resigned to his fate, Robert must adapt to his new role as King of Anika. Expected to cleanse the kingdom of its many festering problems, he starts by trying to gain levels and useful skills.

But the daunting task quickly becomes a lesson in humility as he finds himself underpowered and overwhelmed. Desperate for gear and experience points, he stumbles upon a secret place so terrifying he questions whether he can be an adventurer king at all.

For here he must learn the one true skill that matters above all others:


Kingdom Level Three
What is a king without a kingdom?

When every citizen of Anika suddenly vanishes without a trace, Rob finds himself completely alone in his little kingdom. He must locate his people and quick, or risk losing even more.

Armed only with low level skills and crummy gear he must travel into the Western Mountains where troglodytes skulk in dark tunnels and dragons rule the sky.

But there's one vital weapon he needs to help in his quest, and it will take a tremendous act of courage to acquire.


Kingdom Level Four
Kingdom Building 101

Rob's grasp on his fledgling kingdom is tenuous, at best.

Expansion is impossible thanks to an angry war-clan of goblins encroaching on the eastern border. Also, monsters and bandits run rampant within the valley threatening his subjects.

And since trade is nonexistent and supply lines are dead, the ramshackle village must be kick-started into an economically viable town – one that generates income for the meager royal treasury, instead of sapping it.

The responsibility for each of these problems are his alone whether he likes it or not.

But there's a larger concern which casts a dark cloud over everything.

His is not the only kingdom and neighboring rulers have started to view this janitor-turned-king as either an exploitable ally...

… or easy prey.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 23
Adam Drake
Draft2Digital, LLC

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