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Previously Released Second Edition With New Content!

She's lived without truly living. Now she can't go back to a cold and lonely existence. 

They'd battled for thousands of years for humanity, uncaring what it cost them. But losing her was something they weren't willing to risk. 

Previously Released Second Edition With New Content!

SHE'D LOST IT ALL ONCE…Kira knew what people saw when they looked at her; the pampered princess. What they didn't see was the lonely girl she kept hidden behind the cold façade. A mask that she found slipping each time she encountered the two men tasked to protect her from a crazed stalker. 

THEY WERE RAVENS, THEY WEREN'T MEANT FOR HER…Thane and Garrick knew who Kira was to them the moment they saw her sassy mouth open. Fates aligned to give them a female that matched them in temperament, only to try and take her away with the other hand. What the fickle beasts didn't realize was neither of them were willing to let her go without one hell of a fight, one that would change the course of all their lives.

TESTING FATE…Whoever said you couldn't test fate had never met a Raven, let alone two who had waited thousands of years for their Fated. When these three find their balance rocked by blood thicker than water, they'll need to dig deep for the resolve that's gotten them to where they are, and trust in each other.

ANCIENT CURSES AND DEMONS…When help comes in the form of a brother she didn't know about, Kira will need to trust her instincts and a God that doesn't always play by the same rules. The Ravens of War will be tested like never before, but in the end the rewards are far greater than any could ever have expected.

The Ravens of War Series continues in the electrifying fourth installment of Elle Boon's world of larger than life heroes and their equally powerful heroines…Get ready for a fast-paced, innovative play on mythology that will have you spellbound from beginning to end. Ps. You'll probably wonder if a sane person wrote these, and the answer is…"eh, what is sane?"

Content Warning: Crazy demonesses (We've already decided that is a word… 'cause I made it up), Zeus is so unlike any you've heard of, and piles of sexy demi-gods and a mix of other beasts to spice up your life. Ps. You're welcome "wink".

Previously Released Second Edition With New Content!

December 17
Elle Boon
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Anaxkolasi ,


Kira, Thane, and Garrick meet when they are hired as her bodyguards. Kira is more than human, and is searching for her brother who was possessed at birth by a demon. Thane and Garrick will do anything to protect her. They will need the help of their brothers, the Ravens, as well as the assistance of a couple of Gods. This is another great addition to The Ravens of War, and I really enjoyed it.

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