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She finds a wallet (not a shoe), and he’s a billionaire (not a prince), but this time, Cinderella’s turning the tables. . . .


Handing out samples at a grocery store isn’t exactly my dream job. Yet here I am, tray in hand and fake smile plastered on my face. The one highlight is seeing HIM. I don’t know his name, but if I did, I’d scream it during the naughty dreams he inspires. He’s crazy handsome, all confidence and an air of power.

He’s never said a word to me. Never even looked in my direction. Then one day he stops to talk to me...then literally falls at my feet. I take care of him until the EMTs whisk him away. Now I have his wallet. I know where Bastian Rich lives. And I’ve found the nude photos of him online.

It’s not the bruschetta on her tray he really wants to taste. . . .


Something about Julia Rominger has me intrigued . . . and more than a little aroused. Maybe it’s her lush curves driving me wild. Or the fact that she has no problem telling me to go to hell. Either way, she’s seen me at my worst. Now it's time to show her my best.

The best ways to touch her. The best ways to kiss her. The best ways to drive her crazy.

And finally, the best ways to make her mine. Because I won’t stop until that’s exactly what she is.

**This book was previously released with the title Mr. Rich and has since been updated.

“[A] sexy, rollercoaster ride. With passion and conflict, Virna DePaul created an entertaining story with strong characters.” —Harlequin Junkie

“[O]ne of those books that make you sigh while reading it. With characters that you can relate to and a plotline that will make you laugh and cry... the perfect book to read if you are laying out by the pool or on the beach.” —Life of a Crazy Mom

“[F]ull of that standard sass that Ms. DePaul has no qualms about doling out.” —Rock Review Team

“Virna DePaul does smart and sexy like no one else. [She] brings the heat, the banter and the swoon!” —New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff

June 7
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twilk30 ,

I loved it!!!

Julia is at a job that she really doesn’t like but while working she meets Bastian. The first meeting between the two isn’t typical by any means. Bastian is drawn to Julia and vice versa. Julia and Bastian’s chemistry is off the charts but she decides to play it low key. Julia and Bastian both have to get over issues that are keeping them back in order to move forward.

I loved Julia and Bastian’s characters. I was drawn in to this story and how Julia wasn’t the type to back down from Bastian. Bastian was definitely an alpha male but not your typical alpha male. I loved how his character was written with issues you don’t usually see in the hero.

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