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Back at home in the Kingdom of the Isle Ambassador Lysandre puts her husband back into his chastity cage and resumes her life among the nobility and their secret societies. After helping her friend Jenae properly chastise a pair of young men, she unexpectedly resumes her affair with king Dakron when he comes to the Isle Kingdom for a state visit. But he isn’t visiting just for official reasons; he wants to bed Lysandre, third daughter of the king, so his progeny can eventually rule the Isle. Lysandre is more than willing to let him use her body for exactly that purpose…with her husband watching.

This 10,000 word story contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions. This story contains strong BDSM themes and situations not all readers will enjoy. All characters are 18 or older.


“Alex!” Jenae said sharply. “Do you know why you are here?”

The man with a shock of thick, black hair that fell into his eyes and a thin beard shook his head. “No, ma’am.”

Jenae glanced at his manhood. Despite his dire predicament, he was still excited. Perhaps he thought he was being rewarded with some particularly perverse sex. He wasn’t completely wrong.

“A week ago you were in bed with Lady Georgette Winslo. She reported that you were selfish in bed, barely pleasing her and taking your own pleasure before hers.” Jenae frowned. “That’s a very poor performance even for a novice and she recommended you for some training and discipline with me.”

Alex kept his face neutral but Lysandre could see in his eyes that he was unnerved. “What does that mean?” he managed to stammer out.

Jenae nodded toward a large, leather-wrapped sawhorse near the stone wall. “I need you to bend over that horse, feet at the indicated positions on the floor. You can grab the handles on the wall to help you balance.” After a nervous glance at his partner, the youth walked nervously to the horse. The horse was tall and it came up to above Alex’s waist but he managed to bend somewhat awkwardly over it, his legs spread wide on the indicated spaces. Since it was hard to balance in the position that Jenae wanted, he had to grab the wooden handles on the wall. He felt vulnerable; that was the way she wanted him.

After letting him settle nervously into place, Jenae went to one of the wall racks and carefully inspected the tools arrayed in a perfectly vertical mounts. “Georgette suggested that I use a flogger on you since this was your first offense. I think she’s too soft on you already.” Jenae lifted a thin wooden cane from the rack and swung it experimentally. It cut through the air with a deadly swishing sound. Everyone in the room except Jenae shivered. Renner and the other boy kept their eyes on the cane. Lysandre smiled. “Would you mind helping me, Lys?”

“Of course.”

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February 5
Elliot Silvestri
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