Kiss the Girl Kiss the Girl
Book 3 - The Naughty Princess Club

Kiss the Girl

The Naughty Princess Club

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Publisher Description

A struggling antiques collector finds herself falling in love with a millionaire playboy; but can she ever be a part of his world?

Meet the Naughty Princess Club, a series from USA Today bestselling author Tara Sivec that brings readers to Fairytale Lane and the hilarity—and romance—that three women fall into once they decide to strut their stuff and bring on their own happily ever after.

While her friends have broken free of their insecurities, Ariel Waters is struggling to come out of her shell. Her ex-husband took away her voice and her self-confidence, and Ariel is drowning under a sea of debt to afford the alimony she has to pay him. She refuses to ever fall for a man’s charms again, and is determined to make her own way.

When her house and her beloved antiques are taken by the bank after too many missed payments, Ariel finds herself adrift until the infuriatingly charming Eric Sailor comes to her rescue. Although she can’t stand the millionaire playboy, Eric’s kindness and unconditional support reveal hidden depths and a love that Ariel never imagined she could find.

But there are outside influences who will stop at nothing to keep them apart; can Ariel and Eric weather the storm and find a way to be together in Kiss the Girl?

September 4
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

WendyR26 ,

Entertaining great read

Finally! Ariel is front and center and wow her book was fantastic! I just knew that it would be a great read cause that girl is a riot. While Ariel is outspoken and fun, we saw a side to her that I wasn’t expecting but was nice to read about. There is so much more to her than we initially see. And Eric was just the most swooniest guy out there. We don’t get to see much of him in the previous books but in this one, he shines brightly. I loved how sweet and genuine he was with Ariel. He truly cares for her and it was fun to see how he would break down her walls. The progression of Ariel and Eric’s relationship was a joyous journey. These two were explosive and I loved that. But of course, it would not be smoothing sailing. There was a bit of a trouble and it was interesting to see how it would all play out. I loved seeing Cindy and Belle. They are just the best friends and seeing these girls form an unlikely friendship was beautiful. Kiss the Girl was fun, sweet, and just awesome! And the epilogues were great. I loved seeing the HEAs of Cindy and Charming, Belle and Vincent, and Ariel and Eric after it was all said and done. I mean they are fairytales after all. The Naughty Princess Club have been an fun and magnificent series! I have enjoyed all three books and I loved these characters. Plus the covers are amazing. Wonderful job on all the books Tara.

LisaHines711 ,

Review: The Naughty Princess Club 3: Kiss The Girl

Kiss the Girl by Tara Sivec is the third book in her latest Naughty Princess Club series. Finally, the story of Ariel and her feisty ways. Told from Ariel's POV we get an inside look at the feisty, mouthy princess that has yet to perform at Charming's and earn her stripper stripes. We get to see another side of Eric and how sweet and charming he can be. The story is well-written and well-paced, absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious, sexy and complete with a fairy-tale ending. Enjoy!

Embell0830 ,

Appealing Reimagining of a Classic

This was my first read for this author and while this was the third book in the series, it definitely can be read as a standalone. However, at times I did feel like I might be missing out on something by not reading the first two books.

This was quite the retelling of Disney's version of The Little Mermaid. When I started this book I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into, because Ariel has some serious anger issues. This is all explained before you even get thru a quarter of the book. Once the reason is explained for her anger, it all makes sense (even if it was a little over the top) and I had a hard time putting this book down. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and the sexy times are steamy. The book knocks down the fourth wall and pokes fun at itself for the Disney references. Ursula doesn't make her full on strike until about the 75% mark and I was worried that the author wasn't going to be able to pull it all together in the end, but she proved me wrong. Take away the Disney references and you still have a solid story about friends sticking together and being there for each other no matter what. I'll have to checkout the first two books in the series. Also loved the ending and how it all came together, didn't really see it going down that way.

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