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*NOW UPDATED FOR IPAD RETINA DISPLAY* Explore the workings of your
heart and lungs and learn about pulmonary hypertension (PH) through a
unique set of interactive, animated diagrams and videos, along with an
extensive set of questions and answers. This book is a dedicated
source of vital information for patients with pulmonary hypertension
(PH), as well as for families and friends of those who are facing PH.
A significant portion of this book will be of interest to anybody who
wants to learn more about their heart and lungs. For those dealing
with PH, the goal of this book is to give you accessible, relevant
information that will help you understand the diagnosis, evaluation,
and treatment of PH. We know that PH can be a complex and at times
frightening condition, so we’ve organized the book around patients’
most frequently asked questions. To guide you in better visualizing
the underlying mechanisms (pathophysiology) of related medical
problems and symptoms, we offer interactive diagrams related to those
topics as well.

Health, Mind & Body
February 23
Michael Parker
Michael Parker

Customer Reviews

sciteacher21 ,

Wonderful book !

This is a "must read" for anyone interested in learning more about the functioning of the heart and lungs and pulmonary hypertension. The interactive videos, interviews and explanations from these Harvard Medical School Doctors are as good as they get! They can be understood by patients and people simply interested in the heart, lungs, and vascular system. Medical students, residents and physicians would also enjoy reading it. All the advantages of electronic media, including sound, movement and interaction are used in an extraordinarily creative way. I very strongly recommend this book!