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The Knowsys Vocab Genius: SAT helps students master 300 of the most frequently tested vocabulary words on the SAT.  Knowsys divides the words into thematic categories (like uncertainty, language, criticism, knowledge, etc.) and then separates the words into 30 groups of approximately 10 words per group. 

Since the goal is for students to gain long-term mastery of the terms, Knowsys uses all the tips, tricks, and tools from the available research to make mastery as easy and as fun as possible: 

* Build vocab fast learning words in thematic groups

* Memorize student-friendly, easy-to-remember definitions

* Hear the words as often as you want with audio pronunciations

* Interact with activities:  submit answers, receive immediate feedback, and try again

* Review old words while working on new: all activities are cumulative

Each of the 30 groups has multiple activities to provide plenty of practice and exposure:

* Word Challenge 1:  matching, antonyms, synonyms, oddball identification, and parts of speech questions

* Word Challenge 2:  scenarios, analogies, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions

* Narratives:  fiction and expository passages for Reading Comprehension practice

* Sentence Completion Quiz:  includes one-blank and two-blank questions

Students working through the Knowsys Vocab Genius: SAT Vocab Activities will 

1) learn the most-frequently tested SAT words,

2) reap benefits from practicing SAT-style vocab questions including the Sentence Completion questions and the Reading Comprehension vocab-in-context questions, and

3) improve their critical thinking skills by using deductive reasoning to answer the questions presented in the various vocabulary activities. 

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August 1
Knowsys Educational Services LLC
Knowsys Educational Services LLC
Grades 6-12

Customer Reviews

Lit fan ,

Great activities - make learning easy, fast, and fun!

This vocab book has The words and simple definitions plus sounds. Then it has lots of activities for each group of words from relatively straightforward definitions to synonyms, antonyms, and even analogies.

I thought the short narratives were interesting and really helped me see the vocab in context.

The SAT style questions were challenging.

Overall, excellent and engaging!

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