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In a parallel world not entirely different from our own, there exists a budding civilization of intelligent koalas who live and love as they deal with the perils of grove life. They themselves are in awe of their astoundingly rapid evolutionary development, and they will soon find a clue as to what may underlie their amazing progress….

After leading the migration of his subjects to beautiful Eucalyptus Grove, the newly crowned "Prestigious Koala King" is astonished when his friend the Judge reports having found a huge, unusual object wedged amid a circle of boulders in the nearby forest.

Both are puzzled: Where did it come from? Why has no other koala ever reported having seen it? Does it represent a danger to their population? They decide to keep the discovery secret, and focus instead on the settlement of their population in the new grove, as well as on strengthening relations with neighboring Koalatown.

In this first book of the five-volume “Koalaland” series, the koalas of Koalaville plan their migration to a new and better grove, after having obtained it with the help of old Mr. Johnson, their only human friend.

Along the way, you will meet a slew of unforgettable characters…

- Doctor Koala, whose gruff manners hide a heart filled with compassion for his fellow creatures.

- Judge Grandaddy, responsible for the maintaining of law and order in the grove, and one of the King’s oldest friends and top advisers.

- Demure Maki Koala and her father Nory, the grove’s best carpenters, who work hard building tree houses and furniture for their grove-mates.

- Bumpy, Humpy and Dumpy three boisterous friends who live and thrive on the border between legality and lawlessness.

- Mayor Koala, proud and blustery leader of neighboring Koalatown, an established democracy that nonetheless tends ever-so-often to dissolve into chaos.

- Rolly, Koalatown’s judge; he’s the Mayor’s best friend, level-headed councilor, and ever-willing card partner.

- Claire, Doctor Koala’s old friend; her lamentable drinking problem doesn’t interfere with her psychic sensitivity, that soon contributes to ushering in a new era for the residents of Koalaville.

- Duffy, Koalatown’s uncompromising policekoala who isn’t above knocking a few heads together in the name of the law.

- William Bird, the emu genius whose musical compositions are loved by all koalas of refined taste.

… and many more who will bring you countless moments of utter delight, serious reflection, spontaneous laughter and above all, superb entertainment!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 25
David Bolton
Smashwords, Inc.

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