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Detective Kyle McBride battles to get drugs off the streets of Hope City and is sure someone at Kilton Pharmaceutical Company is key to the thefts of prescription fentanyl.

Bored in the marketing department of Kilton Pharma, Kimberly Redman gets to use her journalism background to write human-interest stories about the employees. But her digging turns up more than she bargained for.

Working together, Kyle wants her information without involving her in his investigation, but never expected his heart to become involved.

Taking down the drug dealers is Kyle's job… and that includes keeping Kimberly safe.


Scenes and language similar to what you find in an R-rated movie. 18+ readers.

September 29
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Reader@70 ,

Just One Kiss

After a mesmerizing kiss, Kyle and Kimberly arrange for one night but Kyle is set on trying to see her more than once and he wakes up to her gone. He and his partner are detectives searching for kingpins moving drugs through Hope City. They hear of a vehicle robbery loaded with Kilton Pharmaceutical drugs that if in wrong hands can not only be cut but also end up killing some people. Kimberly has been the Marketing wizard for the company and they now want her to write positive feature articles for a local newsletter. She begins interviewing company people, also finds out about the vehicle and does a little exploring until Kyle discovers what she is doing and wants her out of harms way. He also wants to get to know her. As she gets closer to the truth, a hit is placed on her and her landlord is shot twice. Can Kyle keep her safe and still catch the thieves, read on to discover a sweet love story.

Agent$$$$ ,

Love At First Sight

Kyle McBride and his partner are detectives with Hope City PD. They are currently working to get drugs off the streets—specifically prescription drugs that can be combined with other drugs to make them more powerful and more deadly. Kyle comes from a big family and extended family whom mostly work as EMTs, DEA, firefighters, detectives. After work, they often find themselves at the local bar. Kyle’s days of one night stands are over. Kyle is interested in something long-term. When he inadvertently bumps into Kimberly at the bar, he’s willing to make an exception. But the one night stand leads him to wanting more. Without his mysterious woman’s last name or phone number, he’s at a loss. Until he sees her again...

Kimberly works in advertising at Kilton Pharmaceuticals. She’s bored and wants to pursue a career in journalism. When an opportunity arises for her to work on human interest stories, she’s thrilled! But her interviews start to cross the line and catch the attention of some not so honest people.

Kyle and Kimberly are genuine, hardworking people. They laugh and love hard. While they don’t always agree and Kyle screws up in a BIG way, they are forgiving and compassionate. I loved that Kimberly was raised in an orphanage, but she wasn’t bitter. I enjoyed her interactions with her family at the convent, Kyle’s family, and the homeless women and children. Kyle’s protective, but supportive. I was surprised by the twist in the end...I was totally wrong! I can’t wait to see what happens next in Hope City. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Sandyn461 ,

Another in series

Great story of unexpected love and family. Kyle and Kimberly met one night, then she slipped away. They meet again in a most unusual way. Lots of action and drama. A bit of an insta-love feel. Kimberly did not have a family growing up, and fits and and falls in love with Kyles. Great getting to know all of the friends and family connections in this series.

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