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“Spicy, witty, charming and surprisingly hilarious. Unrelenting entertainment.” -- Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorite 5-star review

Joseph is haunted. His mermaid bi-sexual girlfriend died under mysterious circumstances. Naked Pete may have the answers, if he would pick up his phone. Joseph doesn’t pay for sex; the price is more than he or his friend with benefits could have bargained for. Waitress-turned-supermodel Karina stays over, only to run off to Italy with her English tutor the next day. When she returns, she’s ready for more. Joseph obsessed over her for nine months. Is it too late?

“Gazing over the magnificent city of Prague, Joseph intimately shares his examination of purpose. Joseph faces grief and reality with a desire for understanding; he vividly describes circumstances that circle back to his existence. Author Rick Pryll overlays the rich history of the Czech Republic with Joseph’s radical and courageous life choices as a young man while poetically mingling his teenage past with the present, in a biological and earthy way. He masterfully details Joseph’s self-awareness; his deeply intuitive and discerning view of his environment and interpersonal relationships. A brilliant writer, I expectantly wait for revelations from the Chimera of Prague!” — Dr. Sabrina Brown, author of He Married a Sociopath

In Part II of this literary fiction psychological suspense novel, the author captures what it was like to be an ex-pat in Prague in the late 1990s. The magical former Communist satellite is a playground for men with low self-esteem. Follow along as Joseph bridges his way from a broken past into a future flooded with love, dipped in reconnection and spiced with romance, charm and faith.

Fiction & Literature
November 18
Rick Pryll
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