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To find the ghost of her killer-and rescue her father-Harper Blaine will have to enter into the Grey. And with her growing powers pulling her deeper into that paranormal world, she's afraid she may not be able to come back out.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 3
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

HammaH ,

Not the best in the series, but well worth reading & fun!

I think my subject line says anything you need to know!

Exasperated by proofing ,

Editing nightmare

To start with: I love this series. Kat Richardson is managing to distinguish herself quite well in the field of urban fantasy despite the fierce competition. The characterization of Harper Blaine is fantastic and evolutionary, unlike many of the overly static protagonists one finds elsewhere in this genre.

But it must be said: whoever is in charge of digital distribution of this series needs to be sacked. The proofing of the digital copy started out bad and has only gotten worse. Of the first paragraphs in each chapter throughout the series, at least half of them contain mangled sentences. Labyrinth contributes its own laughable errors to this mix: every word in the book that begins with the letter q is capitalized, and every chapter that begins with "I ..." is missing the pronoun.

find it Quite jarring when I am immersed in the excellent story.

If I and every other reader of this series are to pay over ten dollars apiece for new releases, I would expect someone to have actually looked at it at least once. Get it together, digital proofing person. Or Kat, find someone else willing to actually do their job.

JGobble ,

Typography and other things irritated me...

Okay, okay. You can just write this review off if you wish, however, none of the things I am going to say have ANYTHING bad to say about the story. In fact, I loved it. All my issues with this book have to do with the lousy editing, capitalization and conversion to E-format.

The first letter of each chapter is missing. Gone, Poof!

Every word starting with the letter "Q" in the book is capitalized. Everything from the word "quiet", to "quaint" to "Quinton". This, at first -- until I noticed the pattern -- had me simply emphasizing that word in my head. Then I *got* it. Someone just did a massive search-and-replace of all "[space] lower-case q" with "[space] upper-case q". Must've been by accident, however, it is Quite irritating. (capital Q - emphasis is mine).

The only other thing -- and this has to do with the story -- I didn't seem to care about Kammerling. Didn't care that he was missing. Didn't care that he could be dead, nothing. Nothing that this book did made me care. Actually, I was kind of ticked off toward him from the previous novel (set in London).

Other than that, a wonderfully good read. When is the next one coming out?

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