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Moving to White Valley, a picturesque mountain town high in the Cascades of Washington state, seemed like a dream come true for Lacey. But as a strictly disciplined spanked wife, she knew there was always a catch when it came to anything her husband Troy wanted. Alpha male right down to his bones, it wasn't always easy toeing the line for her darkly handsome Lord and Master. Nothing came without complications — or a well-spanked bare bottom.

And Lacey wouldn't have it any other way.

For the ex-Ranger Hunter, agreeing to visit Troy's new town wasn't exactly a hard decision. Isolated, alpine beauty, a sleepy resort lifestyle, and a chance to see both his best friend and his curvy, gorgeous wife. A few days wouldn't kill him, right? But what Troy had neglected to tell him was that the town was much more than met the eye. Could Hunter really only visit for a short time, when it became plain that life in the close-knit community was something out of a submissive's deepest, darkest fantasy? Sure, in Lacey and Troy's marriage, it was always crystal clear whom the head of household was — Troy gave the orders, and Lacey obeyed them. Exploring a place like White Valley was just the start though, for Troy wanted his best friend to explore the possibility of something much more intimate ... and the bewitching Lacey did too.

A D/s marriage was one thing, but how would it work when an entire town followed that same strict — and seductive — way of life?

Submerging himself into both the town's alluring, sensual ethos, and the highly sexual dance of pain and pleasure of Troy and Lacey's deep D/s dynamic might prove more than even the tough and adventurous Hunter could handle.

But outside forces threaten to expose the dark history — and perhaps present — of White Valley, and the new bonds of three between Hunter, Lacey, and Troy might soon be tested in ways none of them could ever be prepared for.

Publisher's Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

Contains MFM menage, pervasive D/s themes, and sexual situations.

NOTE: There is no sexual interaction between the males in this story.

August 21
Trent Evans
Smashwords, Inc.

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