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Being forced to leave one's country and shipped to America is a terrible beginning for any marriage. In fact, Anne and Aaron are not legally married, since Anne refused to sign the marriage certificate.

Certain Anne will love her new life, Aaron pays off her servants, shuts down her home, and takes her to America against her wishes. He quickly discovers that an angry, defiant Anne is more than his heart can endure. If he could turn the ship around, he would have done so. Instead, he assigns Jacko to deal with the hell-cat.

When they finally arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina, Aaron no longer wishes to marry Anne. Still, he cannot send her across the ocean in the icy winter waters. It is far too dangerous. So, the angry she-cat remains 'his wife' as they make the long journey home to his ranch in the Kentucky hills. Having no alternative, Anne agrees to remain six months on his ranch, until it is safe to cross the ocean again. Then, come summer, if she wishes, she can return to England.

Unfortunately, when they finally reach Aaron's ranch, he discovers over half his horses have been sold on the cheap, his ranch is in disrepair, and the man he had put in charge is now declaring he is the owner of the property. His anger towards his 'wife' is no longer his main concern. He must reclaim his property, rehire his men, and rebuild his ranch. With winter arriving, if he doesn't turn matters around quickly, they will all die.

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March 5
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