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"Emotionally satisfying... first class writing....not-to-be-missed author", author of FLIRTING WITH DEATH Patricia Grasso

"A memorable heroine and a sexily honorable hero make for a delightful romance." author of THE DUKE'S DAUGHTERS series, Megan Frampton

Lady Ashby has a pressing problem

Widowed at a young age, Isabel Ashby, yearns to marry again—this time to a young, handsome, titled husband—and live a nice, quiet life with two or three cherubic children. Having limited choices among the gentlemen of her acquaintance, Isabel decides to orchestrate a compromising position for herself to entrap the Earl of Caenby into marriage. But it all goes dreadfully wrong when she ends up unwittingly catching Major Sidney Chamberlayne instead.

Major Chamberlyane has a stoic solution

Sidney Chamberlyane is a second son, a military man of honor who is far more comfortable on the back of a horse than in a ballroom flirting with ladies of the ton. But when Sidney is caught in a passionate kiss with the delectable Lady Ashby, he can do nothing less than marry her.

With their marriage off to a stormy start, both Isabel and Sidney wade through the murky waters of mistrust. But as they begin to recognize the changes in their feelings, will the winds of scandal and gossip drag them down into dangerous depths, or will truth and love guide them home?

July 31
Lachesis Publishing Inc
Lachesis Publishing Inc

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Arieslady52 ,

Well-written Regency with heat and class

Lady Ashby's Major Scandal is quite the talk of the ton. Widowed and left wealthy, she's run around London society with a fast group of rakish male suitors for several years. Her determination to marry another wealthy titled man has her setting her seduction trap for the Earl of her dreams, but instead of seducing an earl, she's caught with a returned Major who takes her offered seduction before he sees the trap. When her "witnesses" discover them, and Isabel Ashley discovers he's the Wrong Man, everything falls apart. He's honorable and insists they marry. She can't face her family or the ton and is forced to agree. Isabel and Major Sidney Chamberlain are wed, and now two strangers must live in a trap off their own making. It's not a new plot, but this version is well-written, entertaining, historically appropriate, and laced with an ironic sense of poetic justice from false start to HEA. I enjoyed Sidney's bemused and honest inner monologue, and was glad when Isabel got over her socially acceptable shallowness and recognized what a gift she'd been given. Secondary characters perform their flawless stereotypical roles, and the plot details dovetail seamlessly. Utterly enjoyable. my thanks to e-Book Discovery for the ARC, and this is a voluntary, independent and uncompensated review.