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A chilling young adult sci fi that will twist your mind. By the author of the best selling series, The Dark Carousel.

The hidden, tropical valley of Lake Ephemeral seemed like a paradise. When orphan Seraphin is told her mother is alive and living in this idyllic valley, she's overjoyed. At last, she can have a family.

But something is wrong in Lake Ephemeral. Seven mansions surround the lake, and it is forbidden to enter the seventh. Seraphin accidentally discovers the terrifying secret inside the seventh manor. A group of scientists is experimenting on the children.

But there's no escape. No resident of the valley ever sets foot outside the high, iron fences that surround it - not even when a young girl falls ill and dies.

In her seventeenth year, Seraphin will make a bold but desperate plan. The clock is ticking. The experiments carried out on her when she was just a child are about to change her in ways she does not yet understand.

 "...this novel was unique and interesting and exciting from beginning to end. A refreshing change of pace from your typical YA novel. One part mystery, one part thriller, one part science fiction with a particular emphasis on the science. It was truly a gem to find."
Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ (Goodreads reviewer) 

 Lake Ephemeral is also published in France by publisher, Editions du Chat Noir.

March 27
Anni Taylor
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

susancapmom ,

Best book I’ve read lately

I really enjoyed this book, and I read a lot. Just creepy enough to be plausible. Great characters and a great story.

Sunshine4maddie ,

Loved it

Kept me up late every night couldn’t put it down.

Kgpg ,

Loved it!

I first started reading when they were coming in small installments. It seemed like torture having to wait for the next one. I was so excited to get the whole book. I couldn't put it down. It leaves me wanting more!

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