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This is one branch of proceedings brought by Land Clearance for Redevelopment Corporation against numerous property owners in St. Louis to condemn land for the Downtown Sports Stadium Urban Renewal Project. The owners of the fee, the lessee of a portion of the building involved, and the tax collector were named as defendants in the proceedings affecting Parcel 128, which consisted of a lot and 3-story business building located at the southeast corner of 6th and Pine Streets. Commissioners made one lump sum award of $190,000 as the value of the whole property without apportionment as between lessors, lessee and tax collector, all of whom claimed an interest in the property. No exceptions were filed. The award of $190,000 was paid into the registry of the court. The sum of $2,862 was allowed by the court and paid to the collector for real estate taxes due the city. This is a contest between the former owners of the fee, the lessors Jacob S. Gollub and David Kirsch and their wives, and the corporate lessee, A. & L. Dunn Mercantile & Loan Company, as to the proper apportionment as between them of the balance of $188,138. Tried to the court without a jury, judgment was rendered for lessee for $21,875. The former owners of the fee and their wives appeal, claiming that lessee is entitled to nothing, but if entitled to something the maximum allowable is $5,755. Accordingly, at least $16,120 is in dispute and we have jurisdiction. Art. V, Sec. 3, Mo. Const. 1945; § 477.040, V.A.M.S. The lease agreement was entered into July 27, 1950 for a term of 20 years at $750 monthly rental for the first 5 years and $800 for the next 15 years, with an option of renewal in lessee for an additional 10 years at the same rent and under the same terms and conditions by giving 6 months' previous notice in writing of its intention to renew. At no time did lessee exercise its option to renew. Lessee occupied the first floor, balcony and basement of the building. Other tenants occupied portions of the second and third floors. Lessee paid $250 per year for steam heat; $100 per year for water. In connection with its occupancy of the premises lessee made improvements at a cost of approximately $60,000. The date of taking under the condemnation proceedings was March 11, 1963. At that time there remained unexpired approximately 7-1/2 years of the original 20-year term of the lease. After March 11, 1963 lessee continued to occupy the premises under arrangement with condemnor for temporary occupancy at $800 per month and finally moved from the premises on June 22, 1963.

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