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Chris thought he had it all - the cool apartment in a beautiful city, the great job, the incredible girlfriend.  Life was easy, without challenge.  He was then blindsided by a series of events that changed him forever.  Heartbroken, jobless and broke, his life went to shambles.  Then one day he had a chance encounter with a horse and something inside him was awakened.  An undiscovered part of himself was revealed and now it was there begging him to have the courage to follow it.     

Chris left everything behind and headed into the American West on a search to understand his connection to horses.  In Colorado he found work at a large ranch at the foot of the Rockies.  Through his encounters with young, rambunctious stallions and older, wise horses, Chris began to learn about the horsemanship within him.  But it was a rag-tag group of unruly kids he was put in charge of that he unexpectedly got his greatest lesson from.  He then traveled to Hollywood where he worked as a wrangler at the famous Sunset Dude Ranch.  He became one of the top riders, leading rides up into the Hollywood Hills and past the Hollywood sign.  And after an accident with a horse left him in the hospital, the path he had to follow became even more clear to him. 

The adventure culminated in the wild Arizona borderlands at the 300 year old Rancho de la Osa.  Here Chris met a mythic cowboy who had an otherworldly connection with horses.  The two became great friends, with the cowboy molding Chris in the traditional ways of the cowboys of the old west.  As the days passed Chris developed a special kinship with the horses, going deeper into their world.  Strong bonds formed between man and horse and land.  And eventually the time came when he was faced with a decision - to go back to his old life, or to follow his new life as a cowboy of the American West.

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October 22
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