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When unexpected circumstances give her a chance to escape from an alien scientist’s lab after she’s been tortured, Mandy Rennegar knew she should run for the hills with the other prisoners. There’s one more special captive who hasn’t been freed, however, and she decides to risk everything to help him. Mandy’s not leaving anyone behind.

Captured by the enemy on a scouting trip, Landon of the Badari has been pushed beyond his limits of sanity and strength by the Khagrish experiments and waits to die…until the human woman sets him free and takes him into the wilderness with her on a desperate trek to freedom. If he could only regain his memory, he’s sure there’s a sanctuary on the planet where his people could help them both.

As Mandy and Landon flee the pursuing Khagrish new challenges arise, including secrets from the past which could destroy the growing attraction between them. Difficult choices have to be made, putting Mandy’s life at risk and Landon discovers the Khagrish have left a lasting mark on his mind.

Will they reach the Badari sanctuary in time? 

Can their love survive Mandy’s revelations? Will the Alpha of the Badari give them a chance to be together or will he allow her to die when Landon risks everything to save his fated mate?

January 30
Jean D Walker
Jean D Walker

Customer Reviews

vtHAD ,

One of the best in series so far

In the first read I thought this moved fast, not a lot of detail. Then I started with the first book and read through to this book, now it doesn’t seem thin at all, but very engaging and I love the M/F leads. They are easy to like, and for all the drama they face, their personalities just roll with it and adjust- something I admire.

While I’m not a fan of the bedroom scenes, which seem to be getting more lurid, they are easy to skim over and get back to the story. The over arching story line is ramping up as well and I look forward to who and what happens next.

V Scott has created an interesting universe and she gives us more details in each installment. I really enjoy her style of writing.

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