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In this book Languages of the Heart, Beryl Broekman, author of The Mystic Storyteller Series, has once again produced an intriguing set of energy readings. Her ability to access the thought planes of other realms (hidden from most people) and make them accessible to everyone is quite remarkable. The subject matter this time covers the very relevant topic of our human emotional construct, predominantly those feelings that arise from the heart.

In Languages of the Heart we are taken on an exploration of the universal feelings common to every human being from love, to hope, to kindness all the way through to hate and rage. Each topic is explained from a unique perspective that is highly unlikely to have been considered before. Written in a style that intermingles prose with poetry, imagery and metaphor are present on every page along with surprising and different ideas.

As with all books in the Mystic Storyteller Series, each word is embedded with a healing energy that is naturally there, because the readings originate from a higher vibrational realm than our own. Through reading the words we automatically shift our own mindset just by association. Therefore, great benefit is to be had by reading and re-reading the texts. A deeper understanding pervades our consciousness and we are able to distance ourselves a little from our own myopic view of life and expand the horizons of our own thought. 

Although Languages of the Heart is prompted from a higher spiritual plane it is very definitely accessible to all who would like to understand our emotional world better, be it from an intellectual perspective, a practical perspective or a healing perspective. There are always many levels of access to energy readings and each reader is free to apply their own thoughts and ideas to the interpretation of the texts.

It is hoped though that this book will promote a better understanding of our human condition, and that, being armed with these insights, we will be able to interact with our fellow humans in a more understanding and compassionate way.

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January 25
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