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ìReligions must have evolved as a way of life, doctrines may fade as we move towards spirituality on the road to truth, which is bright as the day lightî

In this simple compilation I have thought about a few lives, I hope have showed us some light to carry us through in the dark pervasive days of human lives.

I believe in merciful God who sends his messengers to take up missions dedicated and delicate as they deal human minds.

There are a many more in the shadows working earnestly, never seen or heard much about, only God and they know how valuable their beautiful selfless works prevail.

Thoughts came to me in the daunting times of COVID 19; the need looming large in acts of mercy and co-existence. My mind wafted into thin air and took me to people who were the winds of change. It recalled the road we travelled along. Many inspirers, who were a guiding light as lanterns on the lanes were seen as beacons of hope, but will they fade awayÖ.

Deviating halfway down the journey, we need to ask:

ï ìDid we travel on the right path?î

ï ìWill we inspire good minds to join us in the journey and embrace the unreached?î

ï ìWill we ever try to live by the laws of nature?î

India has been blessed by Gita, the epic, in which Lord Krishna says, ìIf you walk in the path of Dharma, if you absorb and follow the path of righteousness, then you not only emerge as a true leader but also serve and bring about a stronger nation, stronger universe and a stronger world.î

ìWhere there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.î Bible ñ Colossians, Chapter 3; Verse 11

In the Quran:

ìThe term Advaita translated into Arabic would read ëWahdahu-la-Shareekíóthe one who has no second...î

The time has come for us to rethink and reset our way of lives, embrace life in its fullest potential, hear a Coherent answer, attain a peaceful world, and a meet a merciful God. In this journey we need your loving hearts, your caring hands and merciful deeds. We have seen some great simple men and women do that in these dark days of sufferings. We shall OvercomeÖ and make it a shining little blue marble, our home.

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May 10
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