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Lock up the credit cards, stash enough cash to get home back in your hotel room, ditch your significant other, and - well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea - come along on an epic photographic journey up and down Las Vegas Blvd to experience The Strip like only Not Another Travel Guide can dish up Vegas for the intrepid reader.
Sure you'll find lots of normal views of some of the big names of Vegas, but also what we hope are the details that make the experience complete: whether you're actually in town and dodging detritus or comfortably snuggled up far away, dreaming of your next vacation.
Check out the range of fun and frolic with a gander at the book contents:
Las Vegas Visitor's Center
The Strip, Up and Down
Hotels & Casinos On Our Path
Caesars Palace
Circus Circus
Fashion Show
Four Jacks (Jackpot, NV)
Mandalay Bay
MGM Grand
New York
Silver Sevens
North Strip Mini-Shots
Time Share Terror
There's even several hotels where we'll show you a typical 'low end' room (Paris, Hooters, Silver Sevens, and Four Jacks)... not just because we're cheap, but there's no sense in you fearing the discount room without reason. Hopefully we'll provide you reason, or not, to either stay at one of these four, which includes a 'Best Bargain in Nevada' rating from our discerning panel of judges (all two of us).
Almost all of the above hotels and casinos we'll attempt to give you the real scoop on the extent of the theme or promised experience (with telltale photos), even if what we found failed miserably; or shocked the heck out of us because it's not one of the big names often mentioned in travel guide circles.
For the writer or virtual vacation fantasy traveler, the images attempt to put you right there, either saving you the trip or providing fodder for your break-time happy-moment that gets you through the day.
Those planning on their own trip to Las Vegas will find we try to emphasize some strategic points to ponder and other aspects to be wary (be afraid, be very afraid) to smooth your travel plans.
Others not fitting the above categories can marvel at our literary skills at avoiding telling anyone what the picture is really about, and our subtle mastery of hiding snarky and snide comments about facilities (like how in Paris, "free" means "$12" added to your room tab without you knowing it). When necessary, we've even provided a real French person to help translate things (if by "real" you mean, "not really").
A long way to say: everyone should be able to find something to entertain, educate, or elucidate within the confines of this marvelous collection of images from The Strip... Las Vegas Inside, Outside, Upside Down.
(Guaranteed to confound your poor mother-in-law who agreed to proof read an early draft of the book. Because her family and book group will never let her hear the end of it knowing she had a hand in this.)

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November 27
Bob Campbell
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