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Cooper Grant is not my type. Yes, he’s drool-worthy, with that glint in his blue eyes and the jaw-dropping way he fills out his jeans. Yes, other women might fall all over themselves for a glimpse of his slow, crooked smile. I’m not other women.

He hates me. And the feeling is mutual.

In a town as small as ours, it’s pretty hard to avoid him...and it’s completely impossible once I wake up in a hospital bed to find Cooper pacing the floor of my room.

He’s rumpled. He’s frantic. And he’s swearing I’m his fiancee.

What the hell?

I hate him, but he saved my life. So when he asks me to lie and pretend we’re engaged, I have no choice but to play along. One moment we’re fighting like usual, the next moment he’s kissing me and slipping a gorgeous ring onto my finger. It’s enough to give me whiplash… again.

And maybe it’s the bump on my head, but it’s getting pretty easy to pretend I’m in love with him.

Now, instead of avoiding him, I’m surrendering to his crushing kisses. Our fiery hatred for each other isn’t nearly as hot as the nights we spend entwined.

The engagement is fake. The love is pretend.

But the way I ache for him is real.

And now I want to know… Can your worst enemy be your best lover?

CROWN CREEK is one big series about one special small town, following the lives and loves of interconnected families and friends. The same characters show up in multiple books and each book can be read as a standalone. Or they can be read in the following order for one long series.


Sweet Crazy Song - Jonah’s story (FREE)

Lost Perfect Kiss - Gabe’s story 

Soft Wild Ache - Beau’s story

His Secret Heart - Finn’s story (Coming September 2018)


Last Good Man - Willa and Cooper’s story

July 26
LuxLife Publishing
LuxLife Publishing

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Last Good Man

This book started out a little jumbled but I kept going and it all came together. The small town with the tight circle of forever friends. Loved the middle through the end!

Mag68 ,

The last good man

By Teresa Leigh

Omg I got so caught up in this book I couldn’t put it down! It just reached out and grabbed my attention from page 1!


Jamham_ ,


This book is painfully slow! It literally drags the story out. Definitely could’ve been a 200 page short story. I usually read a book a night, it took me forever to finish bc moved in slow motion. I love the plot, author just should’ve done something different with it.

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