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Elsa Barker, American author and poet, was born in 1869 in Leicester Vermont, USA.
Throughout her life Barker’s poems and short stories were published in various books and magazines.

Her debut novel, The Son of Mary Bethel, was published in 1909 and this was followed in 1910 by her first collection of poetry; The Frozen Grail and Other Poems.
Barker was a spiritual writer and in 1912 while in Paris, one evening she began automatic writing; the phenomenon where someone other than her own sub conscious was writing using her hand.

Much inspired writing over the years claims to have originated from discarnate beings and Barker was no exception.
The entity responsible for the writing claimed to be Judge David Patterson Hatch, a lawyer from Los Angeles.
The judge explained that he had recently passed over and that he wanted to document his experiences on the other side in the form of letters that he would write through Elsa’s hand.

Within a few days Barker received verification from a friend that the Judge had indeed died recently in Los Angeles.

Over the next three years over 130 letters were ‘dictated’ and published as a trilogy debuting with Letters from a Living Dean Man, followed by War Letters from the Living Dead Man and Last Letters from the Living Dead Man

Coming shortly after W.T. Stead’s bestselling 'automatic written' work Letters from Julia, the letters are now considered an essential guide to the afterlife. All are fascinating, informative and inspirational and are required reading for anyone interested in life and death, the afterlife, and why we are here. 

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