Last Resort

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Emerson LeBlanc lost more than an acquisition. He lost the woman he loves.

There’s no redemption for a man with his past. No future for a relationship built on stalking and kidnapping. At least that’s what he believes. When he meets Daphne again, she’s not a piece of art. She’s a woman determined to paint a new path. For herself. For him. Except the ocean holds more than shadows. It holds danger that could ruin them both.


"An exquisite portrait of obsession that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go." - #1 NYT bestselling author Laurelin Paige

"Vivid, seductive, highly-addictive. This steamy thrill ride is a masterpiece. Amelia Wilde's words are hypnotic and I'm dying to devour more of them!" - K Webster, USA Today bestselling author

"Emerson Leblanc is an ocean I happily drowned in, and I can't wait to do it again." - USA Today bestselling author Stella Gray

Welcome to the Midnight Dynasty... The warring Morelli and Constantine families have enough bad blood to fill an ocean, and their brand new stories will be told by your favorite dangerous romance authors.

WARNING: This book is intended for readers eighteen years old and over. It contains material that some readers could find disturbing. Enter at your own risk...

March 22
Dangerous Press
Dangerous Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Vickory6 ,

Unique, art-infused love for Daphne & Emerson

Last Resort is the final book in Daphne Morellli and Emerson LeBlanc's trilogy (they must be read in order, and I would recommend reading Leo Morelli's (Daphne's brother) trilogy first as well. It is not strictly necessary but it did enhance my reading experience to have done so.

After the book two ending I was eager to see how things ended up being resolved and I wasn't disappointed with anything that happened. I also enjoyed the additional glimpses of the various Morelli family members peppered throughout, especially Bryant. I really love the relationship between Daphne and her brother Leo and there were some really poignant moments for them in this one. I easily can see there being books for Emerson's brothers, and in fact that is mentioned in a note at the end as well (at least for one of them).

The main couple is heavily involved in and influenced by art, and the writing reflects that, with Emerson's POV in particular having lots of art-related allegories, etc. and it results in a writing style tailored to the characters that I could easily see myself not liking (I am NOT a visual art or metaphor lover or abstract thinker) but it actually worked well for me. I was intrigued by Emerson's character and the coping mechanisms he has made using art all the way through the trilogy. His obsession and love for Daphne and hers for him was rather beautiful.

I'm a big fan of the sprawling Midnight Dynasty world as a whole and am definitely looking forward to everything the authors want to bring us from it.
3.5 Stars

Army Spouse ,


Such a wild, roller coaster ride for these two! 3 books, all of which to understand them and their families more.

Emerson is broken, self loathing and complicated. He has deep issues that stem from his childhood, serious anxiety that causes him to view the world and handle the world differently. He copes with art. He is a good man deep down but so very possessive. He wants Daphne.

What Em wants he gets, even though he knows it’s temporary. Daphne is a Morelli; she wants to spread her wings, find herself. She is an artist. And she wants Em.

Together they explode; separate they fall. Both find their own ways and vow to be better together.

This is a good, family story, as good as it can be in their world. There is more insight to the Constantine’s vs Morelli’s. 2 more spin-offs are mentioned in near the end, which is tempting.

love2read1126 ,

Stunning and priceless

This is Emerson and Daphne’s final book and Amelia did a fabulous job with it. I loved every part of their story and this final book brought them full circle. It was definitely worth the wait in my eyes. My mind and heart was taken on a winding trip filled with action, guilt, sorrow, hurt, happiness, excitement and love. They didn’t start out like a ‘normal’ couple, but that made their story even more epic. We see Daphne grow into who she was and you could see the love she felt for Emerson. We got to see more of Emerson and the walls he has up to protect him and why. Emerson thought Daphne deserved someone better, but she disagreed. I loved how she tells him she ‘will wait with him forever’. I felt that it was such a beautiful and defining moment for those two and I loved it. Their story is a priceless piece of art in and of itself and Amelia did it beautifully. It is deserving of more than five stars.

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