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<p>Lasting Love is the first collection of short story erotica from author Susan Stahls. This collection includes seven tantalizingly delicious tales of romance, eroticism, and passion. These M/F stories embrace the genre of erotic romance. They take the reader from scandalous affairs to love at first sight romances. The detail with which Lasting Love is written draws the reader into the story allowing the lines of fantasy and reality to blur. Lasting Love will paint a picture of tantalizing encounters between strangers, making the reader wonder about every encounter, at the grocery store, the gym, and the dog park.</p><p>One Step Further</p><p>Jake arrives at the perfect time for Jess: she has been jilted by her fianc&eacute; and is left lonely and confused. Jake is looking for a place to stay and asks Jess to put him up for a few days. However, Jake has an ulterior motive for his request.</p><p>As a Last Resort</p><p>When travel agent Anna Deveraux was sent to an exclusive private honeymoon resort for business, the last thing she expected was to find a sexually attractive man in the resort lobby. Even more shocking was realizing he is the owner of the resort, Devlin MacGregor. Taking advantage of the situation, he seduces Anna into a night of passion. However, the tables are turned when Dev finds Anna a willing partner. Who is seducing whom?</p><p>Love for all the Wrong Reasons</p><p>On the surface, Lara Lawton had it all: nice house, a successful husband named Greg, money and leisure time. Nevertheless, Lara knew something was missing: passion. Lara decides enroll at the local college, renewing her love of the arts. To her surprise, she falls for her teacher, Mark Wolfgang. Mark falls just as hard for Lara. However, when Greg discovers her affair, things become too hot for Lara and too complicated for Mark. Is their love for all the wrong reasons?</p><p>Love&rsquo;s Masquerade</p><p>The last place Greg Finch wanted to be was at a masquerade ball, and the last thing he expected was to be whisked away for sex with a mysterious woman. Greg discovers her name is Cassandra Holland. Greg is totally out of his league with Cassandra but he is also strongly attracted to her on many levels. Greg pays a surprise visit to her apartment. However, he is shocked to see her kissing a strange man. Greg confronts Cassandra, who coolly explains her strategy with men: she is the hunter and they are the prey.</p><p>The Art of Love</p><p>The last thing Sophie Reynolds wanted when she moved into her new apartment was a creepy guy watching her from across the alley. As luck would have it, artist Nick Scott was watching her, painting her and finding himself falling in love with his muse. An accidental meeting between the two sends sparks flying, bringing the two of them together in Nick&rsquo;s apartment. Just when the passion between Nick and Sophie begins to heat up, Sophie&rsquo;s ex-boyfriend Kurt shows up one morning. Will Sophie have the strength to turn down one last sexual encounter with Kurt?</p><p>Law of Attraction</p><p>Ben has no idea the trajectory of his life is going to change with the chance meeting of singer Jane. He has been living his life on autopilot. Jane rocks his world, not only with her fresh outlook on life but also with some mind-blowing sex. A series of misunderstandings and chance events threatens to tear Ben and Jane apart. Can their fragile new love withstand this first set of tests?</p><p>The Strength of Love</p><p>Mark Fanning had swept Emily Monroe off her feet, literally. The first time they met, she had run smack into Mark coming around the corner of the catering tent. Both forgot their anger and annoyance, losing themselves in the current of electricity that ran between them. Neither had ever believed in love at first sight.</p>

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April 12

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