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“Mark has written a fun and enlightening book that can help all couples communicate and understand each other better.” —John Gray, PhD, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Based on Mark Gungor's popular seminars, this book filled with practical, rock-solid marriage advice builds on Gungor's success with tens of thousands of couples who credit him with enriching, and even saving, their marriages. By using his unique blend of humor and tell-it-like-it-is honesty, he helps couples get along and have fun doing it.

Through exploring a variety of subjects including the myth of a "soul mate," the different ways men and women think, the conflicting levels of libido, and the necessity to forgive, Gungor proves that the key to marital bliss is not romance or destiny—it's work and skill. Couples need to work hard at maintaining their relationship and to have the skills to pull it off. The longer spouses wait to learn these skills, the greater their chance of wanting to bail, yet Gungor makes it easy for couples to bring their relationship to the next level.

March 25
Atria Books

Customer Reviews

Appleman3899 ,

Not bad

This book had a lot of great ideas. Many are obvious, and it is a must read for couples, to do together. But I question his many religious references. I am not so religious, and so although reading his Biblical references was interesting, I'd rather the author spoke to the reader as a human being instead of a member of a congregation. Marriage isn't so religious these days, meaning people of almost any (or no) faith can get married, and so it would be better if he spoke to the reader in a straightforward manner. I don't like to be preached to. Otherwise, I learned a lot from his ideas. Worth reading.

RoosterMan623 ,


I was hesitant to read this book, but after attending a Jimmy Evans seminar with my wife, and actually enjoying it, I decided to give this a read. I was amazed, and felt like several of the passages and examples were taken directly from my life.

Afterwards, I convinced my wife to start reading it as well and I hope we can use this to help stimulate good and productive conversation, and then put what we have learned into practice. Our marriage has been in the toilet now for several years, but we are both working now to make it better. This book really helps. Easy to read and honest to the core.

ReadsAlways ,

Great read with an exceptional message!!

I truly enjoyed this book and will recommend it to friends and family! Marriage is meant to last forever, even though it's not perfect! Don't pass on reading this, your relationship will be better for it!