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When a fake relationship turns real, this Navy SEAL learns that love can be deadly in this thrilling, fast-paced novel that proves "no one does romantic suspense like Diana Gardin" (Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author).
I'm a natural protector, whether I'm guarding political big shots or celebrity VIPs. It's true that I failed - once. When I was a SEAL, when it mattered most. But that's never going to happen again. Especially not during my first op with Night Eagle Security. So if there's one thing my new partner, Indigo Stone, should know, it's that she's safe in my hands....
Not that she wants my help. With amber eyes full of intelligence and a body covered in ink, Indigo is one of the toughest people I've ever met. But this job has us deep undercover, playing car thieves and lovers, and we'll have to become pros at faking it. But when feelings turn real, I'm reminded that emotions are dangerous... especially when one wrong move can be deadly.

October 23
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jamilagiel ,

Loved this book!

Loved this book! Suspenseful and lots of action and with a protective Alpha male and strong heroine. Yes!!!
Loved the storyline of this book. Both the Hero and the heroine have demons from their past. Their chemistry was hot. Lawson is so yummy!!
Loved that even though Lawson was protective of Indigo, he knew that she was capable in her work.
Loved the brotherhood and the rest of the Delta Squad.
Thorn and Frannie is next! I’ll be waiting anxiously for their book!

5 stars!!

Marie-Elizabeth D ,

Delta Squad debut

Disclaimer: ARC received in exchange for an honest review

Lawson, the first book in Diana Gardin’s new Delta Squad series, continues to follow the ever-expanding roster of Night Eagle Security (NES) alpha-male personnel. But despite sharing the same Wilmington, North Carolina-setting with the Battle Scars and Rescue Ops series, from the outset, the first book in the Delta Squad series gives off a completely different vibe than previous books. Lawson is edgier, more mission focused, and slightly less intense.

The eponymous novel shares its name with male protagonist Lawson Snyder. Lawson, like many of his NES peers, is ex-military, a highly-trained Navy SEAL. Also like his brothers-in-arms, Lawson has struggled greatly with reacclimating to civilian life, which is how he finds himself utilizing his distinct skill set in the private security sector.

Indigo is a detective who draws on her troubled, criminal past to connect with confidential informants and police underground and undercover operations. She channels her dark past, choosing to face a grittier side of law and order.

The plot of Lawson throws together Indigo and our titular hero in an undercover assignment to bring down a luxury car theft ring. Of course, their partnership quickly evolves from fake to real romantic relationship, with both Indigo and Lawson facing intense feelings that they’re normally unaccustomed to experiencing. They seem to breech each other’s emotional barriers rather quickly, immediately bonding over rocky histories, and finding a strong sense of trust in their blossoming partnership. Their relationship does border on somewhat insta-lovey, but given the insulated nature of their assignment and the gravity of the situations Lawson and Indigo undergo together, in addition to a shared understanding of difficult pasts, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility. I don’t know how plausible it is that every guy that works at NES has to rescue their loved one(s) or love interest, but the books are overwhelmingly satisfying, so the implausibility mostly gets overlooked.

Gardin is a brilliant writer — she’s detail-oriented and deftly skilled at immersing her readers in the coastal Carolina community so many of her books use as a backdrop. She’s fleshed out this world of ex-military men finding refuge in private security jobs that capitalize on specialized skill sets honed by time in the armed forces that are not necessarily widely applicable to civilian life. Gardin also crafts secondary characters that readers latch onto (FRANNIE!). Her books are ripe with chemistry and sexual tension, and this isn’t limited to her main characters. She sets the stage for at least two future pairings within the confines of this initial story, both of which I’m anxious for (MORE FRANNIE!). This novel, Lawson, marks the start of what I anticipate is going to be another exciting, enthralling series from Gardin, and I cannot wait.

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