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Indian Ocean, Off the Coast of Zanzibar, Early 1866

RyAnne Hunter is shocked, and rather put out, that Papa refuses to turn back to Zanzibar. All her carefully wrought plans have come to nothing! Now, with Papa's health much worse than she first feared, her only option is to accompany him into the heart of the Continent so he won't die alone. But Papa insists she abandon her skirts and don men's trousers and boots! And to make matters worse, the irritating captain has decided she must learn to shoot a gun! In the face of all that, she's not giving up on her attempts to convince Papa to return to Zanzibar.

Captain Trent Dawson is most displeased to discover Miss Hunter stowed away on his ship. He's even more displeased when her father refuses to return her to Zanzibar, where she belongs. But when a slave woman is attacked by a crocodile and RyAnne puts herself in danger to save her, he begins to wonder if there isn't another side to the spoiled little heiress. Perhaps even a side he could admire?

A thrilling historical romance from the time of missionary explorer David Livingstone.

This is episode 2 of 6 in a serialized Christian historical romance.

Fiction & Literature
April 12
Serene Lake Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

BethanyMarks ,

With great lines like: “fidgeting like a lad with a lizard in his trousers”

I couldn’t wait to find out what came next for RyAnne and Captain Trent Dawson. Lay Down Your Heart is the second in the Sonnets of the Spice Isle series with a trek into East Africa.

Some favorite scenes:
“Up!” he shouted. “Pull us up! Hang on!” He clutched her tighter with his supporting arm, but she was taking no chances at slipping back into the water with a shark below! As the rope began a rapid ascent, she clamped both arms about his neck and her legs around his middle, squeezed her eyes shut, and hung on for dear life.

“a young baby, not more than eighteen months, peering at her around one of the huts. The combination of black hair twisted into tiny braids that poked from her head in all manner of directions, round pinchable cheeks, and sparkling eyes drew RyAnne a step nearer.”

And great lines like:
“fidgeting like a lad with a lizard in his trousers”
“the moonlight spilling like a milky gloss over the obsidian tabletop of the water”
“She’d never been more relieved to hear the captain’s voice! He tore into the water beside her with a feral yell.”
“She played sorrow for a world gone so terribly, terribly mad. And with a sigh of release, she let the last note linger long as she slowly pulled the bow along the final refrain.”

There are dangerous people and critters. RyAnne has shooting lessons. Their journey deeper into the unknown requires a lot of change. Enjoy!

Shelley Q ,

Lay Down Your Heart

I love how Lynnette Bonner shares stories. They come to life and I want to make friends with the characters. This is an excellent historical romance series.

hickkids ,

Series is going well!

Lay Down Your Heart

Our episode starts with RyAnne being discovered on the ship and ends with having to make a decision wether to continue the journey or not. “Yet, if she joined him on this journey, she must go with her heart in the right place.”

This episode mostly dealt with an incident concerning a slave and the issue of the value of the life of a slave. It was interesting to see a few new details on how the slaves were dealt with and the advantage a slave owner would take because of his ownership. I got a kick out of the captain’s ship being called The Wasp and his steamboat is The Bee.

Knowing that the author was raised in Africa gave just a little different flavor to the story for me. Though I will probably never visit the continent, she made me feel is if I was there.

“Saving you is beginning to be a full-time occupation.”

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