Laying Ghosts Laying Ghosts
#0.1 - Selkie Moon Mystery Series

Laying Ghosts

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Publisher Description

A strange message. A deserted beach house. A shocking incident from the past …

When a text message from a long lost friend lures Selkie Moon to Crystal Cottage, the chilling events from a house-party four years earlier wrap her in ghostly fingers and turn her life upside-down.


The text message makes me jump.

Help me at Crystal Cottage. Rina.

Rina? I stare at her name. How long's it been? Four years without a word. My best friend Marina Polivanova. Rina for short. And then she abandoned me to chase after that creep Frank. I was gutted. Still am. And I was worried about her, worried what Frank would do to her. There were a few texts, then she stopped writing altogether.

Hey, babe, I text back. Long time. Welcome back. How did you guess I've got a free weekend? Spooky.

We were always saying that: spooky. Especially when we ended each other's sentences like twins. It reminds me just how much I've missed her.

The reply is swift.

Help me at Crystal Cottage. Rina.

The same words again. Spooky is right. It's as if some troll has hacked my phone. Is the message from Rina at all? And why Crystal Cottage, the scene of that unspeakable weekend? What happened there still gives me nightmares.

Read Laying Ghosts for a 60-minute adrenaline rush and as a taste of the Secrets of Selkie Moon Series: Planting Pearls, The First Lie, The Second Path, The Third Note and The Fourth Door.

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You can also discover the chilling power of folklore in the companion book of adult folktales that inspired Laying Ghosts: Leaving Birds.

Fiction & Literature
September 16
Virginia King
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ex Wordfeud Junkie ,

No. Don't do it. Stop.

I was enticed to read this short for three reasons.
The first was an email from the author explaining the origin of the name, Selkie. It was original and a new topic for me. I had never heard of Selkies!
The second was she was running a contest if you read the book then did something. Like email a link to her or answer questions. Idk. I wasn't gonna be able to meet her deadline. I had other commitments.
The third was I love horror stories based -even loosely or retellings - on urban legends, fairy tales, or songs.

Needless to say, I was hyped to read this.

It was ... good? Meh. It was okay.

The thing about it, she couldn't figure out the relationship between Selkie and her husband.

First, we learn:

“We met at university when we were thrown together on a project: ‘Feminism in the 1970s’. Over bottles of cheap wine we created a post-modern play, laughing and crying at our clever monologues that contrasted the reasons for the choices women make. Ironic that we both flipped from feminism to living under the close control of our men.”

(The initial 'we' being Selkie and Rina.)

Then we learn:

“An orgy.
It made me want to run. Being paired with Andrew since my teens meant I’d led a sheltered life. No lovers. No experimenting with substances. No orgies.”

Finally, we are told:

“I’ve been telling myself it’s what happens when you marry someone older – they get over-protective. Now I see it for what it is: control.”

So Selkie was paired with Andrew, an older man, while they were in their teens, but she was a feminist in college before they got married?

*eye roll*
Yeah. This was really well thought out.

And yeah, she breaks into a house and watches tv there ... okay ... Aussie law must be lenient they didn't charge her with any breaking and entering *coughs* and rent for staying the night! :D

It's corny and stupid. And a nearly wasted hour. I do want to look up the history or folklore now.

One star. Would not recommend. Would not follow the author nor the series.

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