Lead Us Not into Temptation

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Lead Us Not Into Temptation is a spiritual book as given to me by God. This book is different from other spiritual books in that it connects man with his sole link to God and that is through his own soul. Regardless of ones religion or persuasion, this book is for all people to find their way back to God. For secularism, religion and intellectualism have failed miserably in bringing true peace and love into this world, be it in the past, our present and probably in our future also. Jesus once said, truly, truly you must be born again of the spirit. For that which is of water is water (the body), and that which is of spirit is spirit. For the Father is spirit and for us to worship Him we must worship in spirit and in truth. This is a universal law, the same for all people all over the world, regardless of their religious beliefs. For we all worship the same one God, and He must be worshipped in spirit and in truth. The purpose of this book is to help people change from their secular life to a spiritual life and to develop a closer walk with God in their daily lives. By which we then begin to worship God the Father in spirit and in truth. This is the one pathway never chosen by man and is the pathway to peace on earth and good will towards all men. It is the pathway to the salvation for all mankind.

Part One: Lead Us Not Into Temptation explores the history of man back to the Garden of Eden and the first temptation where man falls from grace. Man after that incident embarks on a journey of secularism, worldliness and materiality, which only separates him more and more from God. Although man has had the opportunity to live in the time of the great prophets of God and with Jesus himself, he has still maintained a steady course in his secular/worldly lifestyle constantly refusing to follow the spiritual path of God. This stubbornness of man has brought him to where we find our world today, in the grips of a huge recession and probably a depression, and world tensions and terrorism threatening the peace of the world.

Part Two: Deliver Us From Evil, teaches how one can develop a life of spirituality and redemption from both God and from oneself. I begin with the prophecies of God as given to us in the Holy Bible and in the Bible codes. I explain how these prophecies line up with our generation living on Earth right now and are 100% accurate and have all been fulfilled to date. They are Gods warning to us that we cannot go on living worldly/secularly lives for we are reaching the end of the road: the End Times as predicted in the bible. It is a warning meaning we can change the future from doom and gloom to eternal bliss, but it is up to each of us. That unless we are willing to make some very fundamental changes in our lives towards one another and to God, we wont survive as a civilization That without faith, hope and love in God we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

I teach the power of prayer and how that through prayer with God, one will find the answer and changes for their lives. I show how a prayer life is the only link we have to God the Father. Through daily prayer, one will begin the process of recreating a life of spirituality.

I teach the principles of a spiritual life and the fruits of Gods Holy Spirit. How God works the fruits into your life changing you from your former self (imperfections and dislikes) into the new person filled with the wonderful fruits of Gods Holy Spirit. I explain that the key of life is love for without love there could be no God, no universe, no us.

This book is for all people of all races, all religions to find the cure to life that has escaped them all through the years. It will unite the reader to a one to one relation with God and a healing and rebirth for their souls.

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June 7
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