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Within any dynamic business climate, Lean and Six Sigma are symbiotic, perhaps even inseparable. Whereas Six Sigma methodologies are widely accepted as benchmarks for increasing profitability via product/service performance in every constrained area of an organization, Lean is closely associated with speed, efficiency and waste minimization. While meeting modern quality standards, corporations must simultaneously decrease lead times and become ever more proactive to evolving customer urgencies. Therefore, as manufacturing cycles get shorter and innovation accelerates, Six Sigma and Lean need to be integrated using the applied theory of constraints into the business product/service flow as Lean Six Sigma (LSS).

Enter Dr. Shree Nanguneri, with his expertise in LSS methodologies and strategies and experience in LSS deployments across corporations, continents and cultures. In #LEAN SIX SIGMA tweet Book01, Dr. Shree shares insights with you derived from his team, professional, and personal experiences in LSS deployments. He focuses on DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), considered the hallmark of the LSS problem solving methodology showing how it is founded upon the premise of common people coming together for a common cause, applying common sense to achieve uncommon results. You will find his teachings equally applicable to diverse spheres including general manufacturing, product prototyping, engineering validation, production trials, final manufacturing launches, call center customer service, website back office management operations, accounts payables or receivables and sales closure cycles. You will understand what makes LSS work, where deployment brittleness could occur and what to watch out for as you speed up your business processes.

By using the proven and popular tweet format, Dr. Shree has 'walked his talk.' He has honed his personal technique of transferring knowledge, making the lessons in his book easy to absorb and assimilate. With...

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