Learn 2 Invest Kid

The first book you should read if you want to invest in blue chip dividend paying stocks. This is not taught in schools.

Pavi Toor and Others
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Publisher Description

Many young people feel like the cost of living today keeps them from enjoying the benefits their parents and grandparents had: a house, two cars, money for vacations, and a comfortable retirement with a pension plan. Even with a university degree and a good paying job, it may seem impossible to get ahead financially. Most can’t keep up with inflation. The cards are stacked against them, right?

Maybe there’s a way out of that situation.

More and more people are looking for alternate ways of making money because their regular jobs just aren’t cutting it. In Learn 2 Invest Kid, the Toor family shows how investing in stocks is a viable way of creating personal wealth. In using superheroes as examples, they have found a unique way of presenting complex investment ideas. Through it all, they maintain that the key to success is investing in blue-chip, dividend-paying stocks. Did you know that most Canadian banks have paid consistent & growing dividends for more than 150 years? What do you think happened to their stock prices?

Investing in stocks doesn’t have to be scary. It can allow young people today to take control of their lives and build the kind of future they always hoped for. Within the pages of this book, investment concepts are broken down and analyzed; successes and failures are discussed; and research and patience are emphasized. Many examples are used to help prepare the reader for the sometimes bumpy road of investing. There are two ways to make money off blue-chip dividend-paying stocks: Capital Appreciation and Dividends. That’s what this book is about.

With simple and clear language, Learn 2 Invest Kid will help people gain confidence and invest like a superhero.

Young Adult
November 20
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