Learn French with Stories

7 Short Stories for Beginner and Intermediate Students

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Publisher Description

A rewarding and effective method of learning French.

If you cannot easily visit a French speaking country and immerse yourself in the French language, reading is one of your best alternatives. 

A painless and effective way to absorb the French Language.

Reading has long been proven to be one of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language. By studying in this way, you should be able to improve your French without the monotonous chore of memorising grammar. These eBooks cover a diverse range of grammatical structures (description, casual conversation, useful vocabulary). 

No dictionary necessary

Each story is broken down - with French and English Glossary. 

“Même si Laura est trop mauvaise cuisinière, et qu’elle 

est habituée à se nourrir uniquement de surgelés. Elle ne souhaite pas rater l’occasion de revoir toute sa famille. Elle réfléchit beaucoup mais ne trouve pas de solution.” 

est habitué = get used 

se nourrir = feed 

uniquement = only 

surgelés = frozen food 

rater l’occasion = miss the opportunity 

réfléchit = think 

The text has been specially adapted for use on the iPad and iPhone.

No painful back and forth process of continually searching for definitions or translation. 

Recommended for beginner and intermediate level learners of French.

However, a basic understanding of French would be highly recommended to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness. Perfect for anyone who wants to brush up their French language skills. 

Improve your listening.

Practice your pronunciation and your listening with the MP3! (70 minutes/ read by a French Native Speaker). 

Never forget the vocabulary again.

A vocabulary list recap appears at the end of each chapter. You can review your study and make sure that you don’t forget any essential French words. 

Progress in your writing too.

We encourage you to make your own summary to reinforce the learning process. A sample summary is provided for each story. Write and compare. (though it’s totally optional) 

Useful vocabulary for everyday situations:

7 stories about Travelling, Cooking, Shopping, Love, School, Relationships, Cinema. 

Technical detail :

• 700 words expressions in French translated in English.

• MP3 (70 minutes in total)

• Story Length: 15 000 words (Equivalent of a 60 page book)

By the time you’ve finished this eBook, you will have picked up 600 new words, learned some colloquial French, some new grammar, and improved your French listening skills (thanks to the MP3). Whether you are about to visit France or are just learning French for pleasure, you’ll be able to apply the vocabulary used in this eBook to make your French sound more natural.

April 21
Talk in French
Frederic Bibard

Customer Reviews

M Klees ,

Good read to review and learn French

As a French teacher, I am familiar both with learning and teaching French. This collection of stories is great for everyday language use in an engaging presentation. It is great for adults and older students. I would especially recommend it for adults coming back to French after some years of little practice.

Esta9390 ,

Great Resource

I have only taken two years of classroom French, and thus only know the textbook basics. I find that typical classroom textbooks succeed in teaching vocabulary, but fail in encouraging overall comprehension of the language. Learning French with Stories is much more holistic in it's approach. It's a good vocabulary resource, but by placing the vocabulary within the context of the story, I find that I am better able to pick up on the patterns of the language. I enjoy the format of the book, as well. Uncommon vocabulary words are placed right under the passage where they appear, saving you from flipping back and forth from a glossary, or constantly having to reference a dictionary. The vocabulary that appears throughout the story is also compiled in one list at the end of the story, which makes it easy to quickly make flash cards, or glance over them. This book is simple, but very effective if you're interested in achieving fluency in French.

Torie07 ,

A Great Approach to Learning French

As a beginning learner of the French language, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills. So I purchased this book yesterday so I can prepare myself for my trip to Montreal at the end of the year. I like the way this book uses various short stories as a way to entertain the readers and build their vocabulary at the same time. I feel that this kind of learning approach that the author provides is more refreshing than the typical French language books that I have encountered in the past. I would recommend this book to anyone who has the basic understanding of the language.

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