Learn German with Stories: Dino lernt Deutsch Collector’s Edition - Simple Short Stories for Beginners (5-8‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Tired of boring textbooks and apps that don't make sense? Step into the shoes of Dino, explore 4 cities in 4 different countries and learn German—the way it's actually spoken—along the way!

This collector's edition comprises episodes 5-8 of the Dino lernt Deutsch German learning series for beginners: Ahoi aus Hamburg, Plötzlich in Palermo, Walzer in Wien and Zurück in Zürich.

With a fistful of German learning experiences under his belt Dino follows his heart's desire, visits friends and family back in his home country only to delve right back into the beautiful and bewildering world of Switzerland and Austria where German suddenly seems like a completely foreign language again.

Follow Dino on his adventures through four different European countries, immerse yourself in North Sea breezes, a Sicilian wedding, Viennese coffee culture, Swiss mountain air, and improve your German effortlessly along the way!

Learning German Doesn't Have To Be A Chore

Just got started on your German learning journey? Memorized a few words but struggle with longer texts? We've all been there. This book is designed to help beginners make the leap from studying isolated words and phrases to reading (and enjoying!) authentic German fiction.

Using simplified sentence structures and a very basic vocabulary, this story series is carefully crafted to allow even novice learners to boost their confidence and speed up their German learning journey.

Each chapter comes with a complete German-English dictionary, with a special emphasis on collocative phrases (high frequency word combinations), short sentences and expressions.

By working with these "building blocks" instead of just single words, learners can accelerate their understanding and active usage of new German language material and make the learning process more fluid and fun.

What You'll Find In This Book

- 40 German short stories about 4 cities in

- 4 countries

- a balance between cozy vocabulary and introduction of new words

- tons of phrases and expressions you will actually use in daily life

- fun facts about German music history,

- Sicilian cuisine, Swiss architecture and Austrian coffee culture

- a detailed German-English dictionary after every chapter

- enough support to make following along easy, without spoiling your own efforts

- fun short quizzes to check your text-comprehension (including answers)

- a relatable protagonist and other fun characters

- hand-drawn illustrations by the author

- a border-crossing European adventure

Read, Learn & Collect Them All

Once you're done reading the four episodes contained in this collector's edition, you'll have traveled half of Europe and picked up more German than years' worth of expensive courses. Learning German has never been more fun.

What You WON'T Find In This Book

- parallel translations that may seem convenient but don't teach you anything

- dull characters designed by academics and committees

- interspersed English sentences that take you out of the reading flow

- archaic German words and phrases nobody uses in real life

- a jumble of unrelated places, people and events

- wordy footnotes that only get in the way of immersion

- condescending storytelling that insults your intelligence

- a teaching approach which takes itself too seriously

November 8
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