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If you've ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar but didn't know where to start and don't want to spend a lot of money on private lessons, this is the book for you!

Follow along with our guitar expert Jen Trani—a guitar instructor who's been playing since she was 13—as she leads you through 20 video lessons! With interactive diagrams and quizzes, this beginner guitar course will get you acquainted with the basics so you can start rockin' out today!

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April 1
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Customer Reviews

racechick79 ,

Great way to learn

Having already watched some of Jen's Learn Guitar videos, I found this just as enjoyable and maybe even a little easier for beginners to teach themselves how to play. The nice part with the book form is that you don't have to stop and start a video in order to get the points that you need. Jen is a great teacher and you can tell she really knows and understands the art of teaching. The pictures and tutorials were very well done and thorough. I would definitely recommend this for any friends or family who are looking to learn how to play the guitar!

Newipoad ,

Extremely brief

The content is very well structured and the effort that went into production is evident. This book looks really nice and it is promising.

That being said, it is extremely brief and I would hardly consider this to be an introductory text to guitar. The topics covered are little more than the parts of the guitar, how to hold it and basic strumming, and a few chords at the end. No scales, no keys, no techniques, no theory whatsoever. I really hope they update this. I could easily see a book with 5 times the content just to cover the most basic introductory material for all of the aspects one would need to get started playing.

boojing ,

Great mesh of design and instruction

They work perfectly together in this "book." Perfect for instruction where static text and pictures in printed books fail, and where continuous play video lessons fail. Looking forward to more. Good for more than beginners--gave me ideas to use for live lessons as well. Highly recommended.

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