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Learn How to Draw Cars For the Absolute Beginner
Table of Contents
Principles to have in mind
Phase 1: Get those hands loosen!
Phase 2: Begin your car design
Phase 3: Car Personality Traces
Phase 4: Define the silhouette
Phase 5: Windows!
Phase 6: Eyes and personality
Phase 7: Wheels need room…
Phase 8: Wheels room is part of the car!
Phase 9: Grey parts-painting time. Patience and patience.
Phase 10: Rims: the groom’s shoes.
Phase 11: Sunglasses and brakes.
Phase 12: Shiny and ‘’contrasty’’
Phase 13: Give it some depth!
Phase 14: Color is character.
Phase 15: The check point: Wait, observe, and improve.

Have you tried to draw a car that would look both impressive and real? Have you asked yourself: “Why doesn't my car look real?”
How good it must feel to not only comment on how beautiful, innovative, original or aggressive a car looks, but also to be able to create one yourself!
Car design is a very popular industry for several reasons. For instance, a car is one of the first things a family buys; a car is a popular graduation gift; a car is a way that people show who they are, what they do or how they live; a car can be a whole culture’s symbol; a car… is one of millions of people’s dreams.
In this book, you will learn the basics of side view car design and get to understand what criteria should guide your steps as you approach your final production.
As you read and follow the books phases, draw conclusions on why the instructions, comments, and suggestions you read are necessary to be aware of.
Now, you are just a few moments away from doing amazing car designs, so we encourage you to put these steps to practice, try following the tips given, and, most importantly, boost your creativity up!

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March 17
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