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People love music and most people wish they learned to play a musical instrument in their lifetime. The top reasons people don’t learn is because they think it is too hard or will take up too much time. Authors Brent Paschke (long time guitarist for Pharrell Williams) and Kiko Doran, who met while attending music school in the early 90s, have created a revolutionary method to teach the creative process and music production, all on your (or an) iPad or iPhone. The Tuniversity Happy book takes you through Pharrell’s inspiration to create “Happy,” deconstructs the song into individual parts you can both listen to and clap along with, then finally brings those individual parts back together showing you how to create your own version of “Happy” in Apple’s GarageBand. 

This book includes 11 screencasts, 2 videos of Pharrell, audio examples, 3 different interactive widgets, 2 GarageBand sessions (emailed to you), and other rich media assets to help you learn to create your own version of “Happy” while acquiring all the skills needed to make your own music in GarageBand. The material is accessible to beginners and requires NO background in music. Seasoned musicians are also likely to pick up some great tips from a creator like 11 time Grammy winning producer Pharrell Williams.

Chapters include:

1 - About Happy: You'll get to hear from Pharrell himself on his inspiration for the song and how he wrote "Happy's" lyrics. You'll also get insight to Pharrell's workflow for creating "Happy" by learning about his creative starting point.

2 - Deconstructing Happy:  Happy is deconstructed into individual parts - making the process of learning these individual parts very simple. Students start slow and build to the original tempo as they practice each percussion part with our interactive TuniPlayer. We have TuniMixers for both percussion and vocal parts giving you the ability to listen, blend, and study how the parts work together.

3 - Reconstructing Happy: Here you'll follow step-by-step instructions to re-record Happy in GarageBand. Multiple learning styles are covered using step by step instructions taught through text, graphics, video, and our TuniKeys let you see how to record each part. Once you complete this chapter you'll have the skills needed to produce your own music.

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June 26
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Customer Reviews

Ragnad ,

Very Interesting Concept

I think this is a very exciting way to learn how to construct a song AND learn how to record it in GarageBand. My only question is can you import the audio files into GarageBand 10.2.0? I know the interface is going to be a little different than in the demonstrations.

Zola 9 ,

Nice book

I like the book😊

Necrotic Ennui ,

GarageBand Files Not Received

Followed instructions to receive the needed files and still haven’t received them a couple hours later, though I got confirmation that I’m now signed up for their mailing list. Kids were really looking forward to it and are very disappointed that we can’t remix the song.

Perhaps the book is no longer being supported with the GarageBand files? I’d bet this is a 5 Star book if the promised files were included.