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La Escuela Del Sol, Costa Rica

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Looks like you'd like to learn Spanish?  Well, let's make this an enjoyable process for you with a light-hearted approach to some serious material.  

This book is a collaboration of La Escuela Del Sol, a Spanish, surf, yoga, fire dance and Scuba certification school in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  In our 7 years of teaching Spanish, we have reworked and refocused our teaching materials to get the best out of our students and the result includes this book, part 1 of a 4 part series.

Here you'll find a series of lessons, reinforced with illustrations, some audio, some video and lots of real world examples.  We put the ball in your court with various exercises to keep you sharp.  Progress tests will let you know how well you're doing and whether you should repeat a lesson here or there.

By the end of this book, you should be able to understand the basic grammatical structures of the Spanish language, how to greet people, count and conjugate verbs among many other things.  And when you have it down pat, we'll get you going with books 2-4 to complete your studies on the way to fluency.

And, of course, at any point, we encourage you to come visit us to practice what you've learned in beautiful Costa Rica; where the monkeys are howling, the waves are crashing and the people are smiling.

Pura vida!!

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March 10
La Escuela Del Sol
La Escuela Del Sol

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abc-xyz-123 ,

Not bad, but needs an update

I saw an ad for this book on Facebook today and downloaded it. There are a few issues. The use of vosotros is used instead of usted in the conversation, the use of "y" between two numbers, and there were at lease 6 missing questions in the self tests (just blank space where the question should be.) The authors need to decide whether they want to present Spanish from Spain or Spanish from Mexico. Personally, I think that it is confusing to teach Spanish from Spain these days and to a primarily North American audience, where 99.99% of the Spanish the audience will come into contact with will be from Mexico. The tests in the first 22 pages were good, except for the missing questions, and took me about 30 minutes to read the examples and take the tests. The startup video has got to go, unless it can be automatically bypassed after the first viewing. Starting up with the video each time you open the book is just plain annoying. The inset videos and audio samples are good and I would like to see more of them. The biggest negative is that this is book is written specifically for he iPad. It should be universal to allow iPhone users to benefit from the content, or have an iPhone version.

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