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Since the launch of the App Store, games have been the hottest category of apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. That means your best chance of tapping into the iPhone/iPad “Gold Rush” is to put out a killer game that everyone wants to play (and talk about). While many people think games are hard to build, they can actually be quite easy, and Learning iOS Game Programming is your perfect beginner’s guide. Michael Daley walks you through every step as you build a killer 2D game for the iPhone.

In Learning iOS Game Programming, you’ll learn how to build a 2D tile map game, Sir Lamorak’s Quest: The Spell of Release (which is free in the App Store). You can download and play the game you’re going to build while you learn about the code and everything behind the scenes. Daley identifies the key characteristics of a successful iPhone game and introduces the technologies, terminology, and tools you will use. Then, he carefully guides you through the whole development process: from planning storylines and game play all the way through testing and tuning.

Download the free version of Sir Lamorak’s Quest from the App Store today, while you learn how to build the game in this book.

Coverage includes
Planning high-level game design, components, and difficulty levelsUsing game loops to make sure the right events happen at the right timeRendering images, creating sprite sheets, and building basic animationsUsing tile maps to build large game worlds from small reusable imagesCreating fire, explosions, smoke, sparks, and other organic effectsDelivering great sound via OpenAL and the iPhone’s media playerProviding game control via iPhone’s touch and accelerometer featuresCrafting an effective, intuitive game interfaceBuilding game objects and entities and making them work properlyDetecting collisions and ensuring the right response to themPolishing, testing, debugging, and performance-tuning your game
Learning iOS Game Programming focuses on the features, concepts, and techniques you’ll use most often—and helps you master them in a real-world context. This book is 100% useful and 100% practical; there’s never been an iPhone game development book like it!

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September 3
Addison-Wesley Professional
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Customer Reviews

Dr Tyrell ,

This is an excellent book

I've been a game coder for a long time, but never made it to the iPhone. When I decided to move into the platform I literally went down and bought every single book published on iOS development. Then I got this gem. I need to make games, so if you don't need to make games, this book may not be for you. What I found amazing about this book, and why I decided to buy the electronic version as well as the paperback is that it covers it all. So many books I bought try to get away with highway robbery giving you scenarios that you could figure out in a days worth of messing around, yet they take 200 pages to explain, or like a bad self defense class, they solve problems that few mortal human beings ever encounter. This book takes you through step by step from 2D coding to 3D coding. He's honest about where he personally ran into issues, which is refreshing, and offers tons of real world hurdles to watch out for. Where he doesn't code, he offers tons of references so you can explore things in more detail. The sheer tools he outlines for creating great games on the iOS were fantastic. I have to say, this is THE best book on iOS coding out there. Regardless if you're doing a utility app, or a game, I really think he goes through more areas of iOS coding than all the books I own, and that's about 20. I seldom review anything, but I had to submit this review now that I've finished the book.

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