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Most gardeners garden Against Nature. Some advanced gardeners garden With Nature. This book takes a different approach: gardening With Nature. The idea is that, by forming a co-creative partnership with Nature and the Spirit beings in your garden, you can create a different kind of garden - one that's alive in ways you may just be beginning to feel. This book provides an introduction to a new way - well, really a very old way - that ups your game in the garden exponentially.

With Nature, you move with easy and grace, spend less money and time, and achieve better results. Your connections with Spirit beings opens the door to your physical, mental, and emotional healing. Practicing gardening with Nature expands your perception and access to the unseen world and provides a pathway to the God of your understanding. You'll see miracles and synchronicities that remind you that you are part of Nature - that you are Nature's hands in your garden.

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April 1
Roger Wyer
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NHGardener ,

Book just ok

While I appreciate Rogers perspective, this is not a book for gardeners who are committed to the language of scale, color, texture, form or any traditional concepts of gardening. The. closest he comes is talking pathways. While not disappointed per se, the book felt fluffy and chatty...without helpful perspectives for serious gardeners. Choosing plants or placement based on pendulums probably does not as he suggests, work in partnership with nature, but instead just taps unconscious impressions acted out in micro movements in our fingers. I like the broad thinking of considering a different way of entering ones garden efforts, but this could have been twenty pages, or a blog, but not a book. Gratitude, appreciation, patience and working with what one is given are the cornerstones of gardening. But the book is too simple in its advice or too preachy to compel me to recommend. Finally while I love nature I don't always invite it into my garden,as the author advises. Sometimes i don't want it in my garden. I don't want deer ticks, poison ivy, woodchucks, decimating voles, voracious Japanese beetles, etc. It's a balance. Working with nature sometimes means setting boundaries. Otherwise you don't have a garden. You have wild.

Oleop ,


Bunch of words

Cbstottle ,


My wife downloaded the sample an realized this had nothing to do with gardening and bought it because of the poor placement of the BUY button. Now we own this useless peace of junk.

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