Learning Lomi Massage

Basic Massage techniques Lomi Lomi Nui

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I am glad that you want to learn Lomi Lomi massage. The world needs healing fast. This wonderful method of massage, a little bit to a few more individuals to contribute in a more beautiful state of being lead. You will be guided by the following fundamental and basic knowledge of Hawaiian massage. Using the template, you can learn these basics. With further practice and stay on the ball will open up to you little by ever new dimensions of this massage. It may be advantageous to consolidate after a while of this practical knowledge with an advanced course again. In particular, the so-called "flying" can often come right after a few months or years about.

One Audiance of my course, which is one of the few true European Huna is initiated priestess, has learned to 7 years in Hawaii. She took part in my class out of curiosity, because a trained man of me that she knew for some time, has touched her at a Lomi festival as part of a large group massage practice with a handle. She was surprised because she knew that he had so far not massaged into the Lomi massage. The quality of his touch let her finally ask for my name. For me it was a great stroke of luck to meet one of the few true initiates. And this meeting gave me courage again made this script, what should be going to be a book.

I lay in my massage scripts much value information for clarity and orderly. This is the result of many participants experienced by me as training courses, some with cryptic documents. I wanted to do it differently, and I hope I have succeeded. And now I wish you much joy in learning and practicing the Lomi Lomi Nui massage.

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March 20
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