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We should all have our autobiography. For family. For friends too. Mostly for ourselves – not a blog not a tweet or social media entry – the story of our life that we can look back to see how we got to where we are now. The details. The roadmap. The journey. Our life so far…
This is my story.
Much is difficult for me to believe but it is true. Long before the internet to save/lose/share/delete/Photoshop/rearrange all the bits and pieces there were hardcopies: letters, photos, objects…it is time to throw away close to 75-years of stuff and move on. It is easy now that I have a record of it all that will not disappear in the cloud – it will disappear into landfill. Cheers

Terrell (Adsit) Neuage. The story of a traveler. Through the 1960s hippie movement, as a member of the cult organization, The Holy Order of MANS; as an adoptee with totally different values than the Christian family adopted into. Street artist selling picture poems in Jackson Square, New Orleans in the 1970s, street artist in New York City, Adelaide, South Australia, Honolulu, Maryland. Lots of sex and drugs and escape. A son signed by the LA Dodgers who committed suicide; the battle with hepatitis C and the death of a brother from AIDS. Marriages, children raised as a male single parent. 40 years an astrologer. Tofu manufacturer in Australia. Duel citizen. From high school drop-out in the 1960s to a college degree at age 44 and a PhD at age 58. A world traveler living a simple life with lots of interpretations of the way it is. A new-age atheist – or not.

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September 29
Terrell Neuage
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