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Dominant female, submissive male femdom marriage tales. 60k+ words total, written from the Husband's POV

Led By Her - Book 1
Submissive husband Stuart has a pretty young wife who occasionally agrees to tie him up & tease him about other men cuckolding him.
But he’s frustrated. He yearns for cruel, more enthusiastic domination, domestic discipline and to be a real life cuckold.

When his inexperienced wife confides details of their BDSM play to her glamorous but self-centered new friend Becky, the other female is intrigued with the idea and potential benefits to herself of becoming a mistress.

Anxious to impress her, the married couple invite the other female first to witness, then share in Stuart’s humiliation. But the other woman has her own agenda for this naive young couple.8900 word short story adventure contains explicit descriptions of sexual action & other activity including bondage, domination, submission, degradation domestic servitude, humiliation and foot worship.
Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this.

Led By Her 2
Stuart's wife Lynne is increasingly drawn to her glamorous new friend Becky. Desperate to please and impress her friend she arranges for her husband to visit Becky alone, in the role of her domestic servant.
Stuart becomes infatuated with their demanding and beautiful dominant female friend but gets a shock when he finds out how serious Becky is about becoming a mistress. Especially when she learns of Stuart's obsession with her.

How will the young married couple cope with their attraction to this mean, demanding and dominant female and her increasing influence over their marriage?
8000 words

Led By Her 3
Stuart is locked in chastity by his wife on the orders of the increasingly controlling Becky. Once denied his wife, Stuart learns that she has indulged in some lesbian tease action with Becky in front of her friend’s alpha male husband. Stuart is subjected to teasing and cruel humiliation from both Becky and her husband. Stuart is then pushed to the limits of his submission as this beautiful but uncaring woman excitedly enforces the kind of domestic discipline and punishment he has dreamed of all his life.8900 words

Led By Her 4
Long term chastity tortures Stuart as the heartless brunette Becky becomes an increasing influence in his marriage. Becky persuades Stuart's wife to accompany her on a double date with her own older husband and one of his clients. She takes charge of the key to Stuart’s chastity belt.
The couple are summoned to Becky’s home where Stuart is humiliated in front of his wife & learns of his wife’s physical devotion to her friend.
Finally Becky makes an outrageous proposal which involves her own hugely endowed alpha male husband.
8500 words

Led By Her 5
Stuart is caught in the fall-out between his wife and Becky. He visits Becky at her home to try to heal her disagreement with his wife and to get back the chastity belt key. But Stuart is given a taste of what he's been missing and pressurized to persuade his wife to cuckold him with Becky's older alpha male husband.
11,500 words

Led By Her 6
Stuart serves Becky and her husband at their overseas villa while they laze around on vacation & his wife submits like the cheapest of slutwives to the other couple.
15,000+ words incl. facesitting

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Fiction & Literature
February 15
Tinto Selvaggio
Draft2Digital, LLC

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