Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury

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Publisher Description

Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury by Neal Preston is an in-depth, illustrated digital book created and designed especially for iBooks. It provides an unprecedented and comprehensive glimpse into the world of Led Zeppelin through the lens of famed photographer Neal Preston. Blending images, interviews, and information to allow readers inside access into some of the greatest moments in rock history, Sound and Fury features hundreds of photos of the band from throughout their career (including over 100 that have never been seen before), audio introductions, written pieces, hi-definition video interviews, ephemera, commentary from contemporary artists, technical camera info, band discography, and more.

Features include:
- Over 250 photographs of Led Zeppelin onstage and behind the scenes (over 100 previously unpublished)
- 80 expandable contact sheets
- 25 audio commentaries
- 11 video interviews
- 44 samples of ephemera and memorabilia
- 24 Led Zeppelin set lists
- 23,000 words of text
- Written introduction by Stevie Nicks

    Arts & Entertainment
    March 21
    Neal Preston
    Warner Music, Inc.

    Customer Reviews

    sezwhom ,

    Whole Lotta Ebook

    Why is everyone so bent out of shape it's only available upon release on an iPad? iBooks is the only format I know which can support this kind of interactivity. Don't think KDP can? It's an interactive ebook! Hello! Not on TV. I look forward to seeing it on my iPad.

    Jboyxl73 ,

    Love Me Some Zeppelin beautiful Photos

    I have viewed this book using my friends iPad its stunning I understand not making it for iPhone 5 ( the screen is too small to really do the pictures justice)my question is I have a MacBook Pro with retina display which honestly wipes the floor with the New iPad why can't a version of iBooks be developed for the Macbook it easily has the capability and having the touch display isn't needed I can click next to turn pages and not be hasseled and really I don't need a lot of portability for a picture book and if I did it would work on both versions anyway this isn't a "post PC' world for everybody my MacBook is with me all day long I do everything with it…not asking for something that couldn't be done given the power of the new MacBooks …. anyway enough venting if you have an ipad this book is amazing all the interactive content is wonderful and the pictures alone worth the $9.99 !!!

    MrNordeast ,

    A way to sell more iPads?

    VERY disappointed that you can only view this on an iPad.
    I much rather view this on my 55" HD TV through my Apple TV box than on an iPad.
    C'mon Apple! How hard can it be?

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